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The Best Foster Care Adoption Articles

May is National Foster Care Month. Throughout the month, we’ll be sharing articles and information highlighting foster care and foster adoption. Today, we’ve rounded up some of the best foster care adoption stories, resources and more to share with our readers. Because foster care is a unique type of adoption, educating yourself about the process will help tremendously. If you’re curious about adopting from foster care, wondering if you can place your child for adoption through the state, or just looking to read stories from those who know what it’s like to set off on this fulfilling journey, set aside some time to read through these in‐depth and informative articles during this year’s National Foster Care Month.

The Facts About Foster Care and Foster Adoption

There are plenty of differences between foster care and other types of adoption. If you’re looking to learn more about this popular family‐building option, here is where you should start:

Foster Care Adoption Articles for Prospective Birth Parents

Sometimes, women considering adoption wonder if that means their babies will go to foster care. Learn a little bit more about how the foster care system works and what your rights are here:

Foster Care Adoption Articles for Hopeful Parents

  • "National Foster Care Month 2018": Every May is National Foster Care month. Although 2018 has already come and gone, you can get ideas from past years on how you can get involved in this year’s National foster Care Month.
  • “How You Can Become Gay Foster Parents or Adoptive Parents”: While infant adoption is still a popular option, other LGBT couples choose to become either foster parents or adopt a waiting child from foster care. As an LGBT couple, you could make a huge difference in the life of a foster child hoping for a loving and supportive home. Whether you’re choosing to support reunification or you’re looking to build the family of your dreams, call your local foster care agency today to learn more.
  • "Supporting Sibling Connections in Foster Care":Keeping siblings together is so incredibly important in foster care. These relationships will play a vital role in a child’s development not just in foster care, but throughout their entire lives.Learn more about how you can support siblings in foster care here.
  • “Ten Tips for Supporting Relationships with Birth Parents in Foster Care”: If you’re thinking of providing a temporary home for a child in foster care, fostering a relationship with the child’s biological parents can be an integral part of their development. Here are some tips for supporting this type of relationship.
  • “Maintaining Contact with the Biological Family After Foster Adoption”: If you’ve already adopted a child from foster care, you might be concerned about the best way to maintain a relationship with your child’s biological family members. Of course, you should discuss this option with your caseworker, but here is an article that should give you some ideas for what to do in this situation.

Real Stories from Foster Care

The best way to learn about foster care is from people who’ve lived it. Whether it’s from other foster parents or foster children who have become parents themselves, there are plenty of resources available.

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