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3 Things Prospective Birth Moms Want to Know About Adoptive Couples

If you’re a hopeful adoptive couple eagerly awaiting an adoption opportunity, you’re probably asking yourself, “What are prospective birth parents looking for in adoptive family?” We know having a family of your own is something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, and you want an expectant mother to see your adoptive family profile and deem you a perfect match to raise her baby. We can help.

Here’s what most pregnant women will want to know about you:

1.     That You Will Respect Her Boundaries and Decisions

Choosing adoption is a difficult decision for expectant parents to make, even if they know it’s what is best for them and their baby. Many prospective birth mothers find comfort in hopeful adoptive families who show reverence for what they’re going through, as well as a positive outlook on adoption and raising their child.

Placing a child for adoption isn’t easy and she doesn’t want to be judged for her decision, nor have her feelings dismissed. Acknowledging that she is making a brave and difficult decision can go a long way. It can also be helpful for a birth mother to know that you will openly and honestly talk to her child about their adoption and their birth family.  When making your adoptive family profile, it can be helpful to empathize with the prospective birth mother and make it clear that if she gives you the opportunity to adopt her baby, you will celebrate this decision and your adopted child.

2.     That You Are Committed to Providing Support and Stability

If an expectant mother is considering adoption, it’s likely because she feels she cannot provide her baby with the life she feels they deserve, or she is not yet ready to.  She wants to place her baby with a family who she feels can give her baby the best life possible, and that are committed to doing so.

 If you are hopeful adoptive parents who have been approved by an agency, then you’ve been cleared as being financially able to support a child. While financial stability is important in raising a child, she wants to know that family is important to you and that your family has a strong drive to support the child emotionally and mentally as well.  She wants to know that you will do whatever it takes to give her baby the life they deserve and that you will be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to be there for her baby.

3.     What Your Values and Morals Are Like

If your values align with the prospective birth mother’s, this is typically a good way to start establishing a connection. Since she will be choosing you and not the other way around, the best thing you can do when filling out your adoptive family profile is to speak openly and enthusiastically about your values and how you would raise a child in accordance with these values. Whether those values are based in religion, family, or simply just good character, don’t be afraid to be emphatic. Your adoption professional will be available if you need help or have questions when filling out your adoptive family profile. To get more information about how you can stand out to prospective birth mothers, reach out to an adoption professional today.