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World Adoption Day — How You Can Celebrate

Happy World Adoption Day! Each year, people around the globe celebrate and spread awareness about adoption and the incredible journey that birth families, adoptive families and adopted children take every day. This year, World Adoption Day is today, Nov. 15.
Hank Fortener spearheaded the World Adoption Day movement. Adoption has been a part of his life since he was young; his family has adopted eight children from five different countries and fostered 36 children. In addition to his involvement in World Adoption Day, Fortener runs AdoptTogether.com, a crowdfunding website to help hopeful parents with adoption costs.
Fortener started the World Adoption Day campaign to bring awareness to the millions of adoption stories that go untold and uncelebrated every other day of the year.
“Together, we can create a family for every child,” he says.
So, how can you get involved in this year’s World Adoption Day? It’s simple!
1. Draw a smiley face on your hands and post a picture with the hashtag #WorldAdoptionDay. Share your adoption story on all of your social media to help raise awareness of the beautiful families adoption creates.

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2. Donate to families who need financial help in their adoption at AdoptTogether.com.
3. Volunteer or become an ambassador and connect with organizations and events in your community to further raise awareness about adoption.
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So, break out your sharpies today and tell your adoption story to the rest of the world!