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16 Infertility and Adoption Podcasts to Subscribe to Today

Podcasts seem to be entering a new age of relevance and popularity today, with more than 67 million Americans listening to the media form monthly (up 14 percent from 2016). You can find podcasts on all sorts of topics, from sports to entertainment to religion — and you can also find infertility podcasts and adoption podcasts, as well.

If podcasts are your kind of entertainment, you may be interested in finding some of these family talk podcasts online — but it may be difficult to sort through them to find the best ones. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of some of these family-focused podcasts in this article to help you get started.

But, what if you’re a podcast newbie?

Here’s what you need to know: A podcast is essentially like a radio talk show but made available on the internet for downloading to your mobile device to listen to at your convenience. Typically, podcasts are available in a series format, in which you can subscribe and receive new files when they are posted. Many podcasts last about an hour and are posted weekly.

Podcasts are a great resource to learn new information in an easily accessible manner — and infertility podcasts, adoption podcasts and foster parenting podcasts are no different. Here are a few to start downloading today.

Infertility Podcasts

Infertility is a more common issue than people may believe; one in eight couples has trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. However, the topic remains taboo for many people, preventing those who are struggling with infertility from finding the community support they need and deserve at this challenging time in their lives. However, infertility podcasts can help provide the advice and information that many hopeful parents want. Start by listening to these:

  • Beat Infertility: Real women who have struggled with infertility share their stories about how they found success on this podcast, which serves as a community for those who want to share their struggles and ultimate successes.
  • Creating a Family: The National Infertility & Adoption Education Nonprofit has created a radio show podcast that discusses many aspects of the family-building process, including infertility methods and adoption processes, to help those struggling with infertility.
  • Resolve: The National Infertility Association: The association has a library of podcasts on all kinds of topics related to infertility and creating a family, from adoption to medicine to third party reproduction.
  • The Fertility Podcast: One mother shares her story from infertility to having a baby and also interviews infertility experts to explore the options available for hopeful parents in this podcast series.

Adoption Podcasts

Adoption has a strong, active community of adoptive parents, birth parents and adoptees who share resources, stories and advice among each other. Whether you want to learn more about the adoption process before starting, want advice as you’re going through the adoption process or are simply interested in adoption, check out these adoption podcasts:

Foster Care Podcasts

Foster care and foster care adoption is another family-building option that deserves more attention and respect, and several foster care podcasts exist to do just that. Like any other parents, parents of foster children need support and advice for many incredibly challenging situations and can find them in these podcasts:

  • Foster Parenting Podcast: Although the show is currently on a hiatus, there is nine years’ worth of episodes to listen to on this couple’s journey as foster parents.
  • Foster Adoption Podcast: This podcast explores many different aspects of the foster care adoption process, serving as a resource for those interested in growing their family in this way.
  • The Adoption and Fostering Podcast: Two adoptive parents discuss some of the tougher aspects of foster care and foster care adoption, including children’s traumatic pasts and how to overcome those issues.
  • The National CASA Podcast: Although it’s an older podcast that has not been updated in a while, the Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children has a great resource library of episodes regarding issues that apply to foster children and their families.

General Information Podcasts

In addition to podcasts that specifically focus on infertility and family-building options, there are also many podcasts out there that touch on these subjects. Even though they are classified as more general information podcasts, you can still find helpful episodes about family-building processes and infertility published throughout their seasons:

  • Reveal: The Center for Investigative Reporting often publishes issues regarding reproductive health, infertility and family-building methods like adoption and foster care. It’s a deeper look at some of the issues surrounding these topics and the possible improvements that can be made.
  • StoryCollider: This podcast allows people to tell their personal stories of how science has affected their lives. There are many episodes about infertility, reproduction and adoption published on the site.
  • TED Talks: While TED talks are originally designed to be viewed as videos, the organization also offers audio files of the videos so you can listen to them in podcast form. To find podcasts related to infertility, adoption and family-building, you can view the list of videos under the “family” tab and find the corresponding audio files.