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5 Reasons Women Consider Adoption for Their Babies

Choosing adoption is a difficult decision for any pregnant woman to make. So, if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, how do you know if adoption is right for you?
One of the best things you can do is talk to an adoption professional about all of your unplanned pregnancy options. Each woman’s situation is different, so the reason why you may be considering adoption is likely different from another woman’s reasoning. Nonetheless, here are some common reasons why a woman might consider adoption.

1. She can’t afford to raise a child.

Being a parent is expensive; raising a child to age 18 costs an average of $233,000. Many women choose adoption when they simply can’t afford to add another human being to their household right now. (And remember — adoption is completely free for prospective birth mothers.)

2. She doesn’t want to be a single parent.

There are plenty of successful single mothers in the world today, and it’s certainly an option for many expectant mothers. But, some women choose adoption because they want their child to grow up with two parents and they know the baby’s father won’t be involved.

3. She has life goals she wants to accomplish before becoming a parent.

Perhaps she wants to graduate college, advance in her career, or explore the world before starting a family. For many women, choosing to parent means making their child their first priority — and they have to put these goals on hold.

4. She doesn’t feel like she’s ready to be a mother.

Some young expectant mothers feel that their age puts them and their baby at a disadvantage — not only is it difficult for many young mothers to afford a child, but they may simply feel like they aren’t prepared to raise a child at this time in their life. On the other hand, if a prospective birth mother is older and has already completed her family, raising a baby may cause difficulties in her career or disrupt the lifestyle she wants for herself and her family.

5. She wants to give her child a life she can’t provide.

When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, many women feel that abortion isn’t an option for them, but they also know that they aren’t ready to give their baby the life they want them to have. For these expectant mothers, adoption might be the best solution.
Of course, these are only a few of the reasons why a woman might consider adoption for her unplanned pregnancy. Other reasons may include the many benefits of choosing adoption — not only for the baby, but for the birth mother and the adoptive parents, as well.
While deciding on adoption is not always the easiest choice to make, for birth mothers who do choose it, they rarely regret their decision. With the proper education and understanding of the adoption process, an expectant mother can make an informed decision for her future and her baby’s future. If you are pregnant and need help preparing yourself for this decision, we encourage you to contact an adoption professional for more help on deciding what unplanned pregnancy option is best for you.