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Do You Get Paid to Adopt Your Child to Adoptive Parents?

A common question for women considering adoption is, Does it cost money to give a baby up for adoption? Not only is the answer no, but you may also be surprised that you likely will be paid for placing your baby for adoption in the form of living expenses and other benefits.


How Do Birth Mothers Get Paid for Adoption?

It is illegal for an adoptive family to directly give money to a woman for adoption. However, because women considering adoption often need financial assistance to help them throughout this process, an adoptive family may cover the cost of the adoption, including medical expenses, legal expenses, counseling expenses and even living expenses, but only through a child-placing agency or attorney.

Your adoption agency or attorney will help make sure all of your adoption expenses are taken care of, and they will try to help you receive as much financial assistance as you require. Each state allows a certain number of living expenses to be paid to women in your situation, which may cover items such as rent/mortgage, groceries, utilities, cell phone, maternity clothing and more.

Why Do Mothers Get Paid for Adoption?

By considering adoption, you are in the middle of one of the most important decisions of your life. At this crucial time in your life, you simply shouldn’t have to worry about finances, as well.

When you know that your living expenses and pregnancy-related costs will be covered, you can focus on having a healthy pregnancy and making the decision that is best for you and your baby.