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Gulfport Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Located on the coast of Mississippi, Gulfport draws people to it for a variety of reasons – including adoption. If you are hoping to adopt a baby or thinking about placing a baby for adoption in Gulfport, Mississippi, this page will provide you with adoption agencies, hospitals, and any other resources you may need to complete the process.

Adoption Agencies and Professionals in Gulfport

Adoption agencies are licensed, full-service adoption professionals, meaning that they are equipped to help you with every stage of your adoption. Whether you are a prospective birth parent or adoptive family, an adoption agency can be a beneficial and convenient resource. See the links below for information about Gulfport adoption professionals:

Gulfport Foster Care Resources

To be a foster parent in Gulfport, couples and individuals must meet the requirements of the state and their chosen agency. For prospective foster parents in Mississippi, that means completing all the necessary forms, home studies, and background checks, being between the ages of 21 and 65, attending foster parent training, and having a sufficient income and home environment. If you are interested in becoming a foster family, contact a nearby foster care organization:

Home Study Providers

Whether you choose domestic infant adoption or foster care, you will need to complete a home study that meets Mississippi laws and requirements. The Mississippi home study process includes personal interviews, home visits, criminal history checks and more. A complete list of home study requirements and additional information about the process can be found on our Adoption in Mississippi page. The person or agency conducting the home study must be legally qualified. When you are ready to begin the home study process, here are some trusted providers in Mississippi:
  • New Beginnings 662-842-6752 With New Beginnings, you can be sure to receive help with your Mississippi-compliant home study and post-placement assessments.
  • Lifeline Children’s Services 205-967-0811 A licensed child-placing agency, Lifeline has licensed social workers in Mississippi and all of the states where they complete adoptions.
Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Mississippi home study providers.

Hospitals near Gulfport

As expecting mothers approach their due date, they must also begin considering their hospital plan, which includes where they would like to give birth, who they want to be with them, and how much time they would like with their baby. If this describes your situation, you can begin working with your adoption specialist and healthcare provider to ensure that you have a positive labor and delivery experience. Follow the links below for more information on hospitals and maternity wards near Gulfport:

Mississippi Adoption Laws and Requirements

If you are pursuing adoption, you should become aware of the laws that regulate the adoption process and protect the rights of everyone involved. To learn more about the details of adoption regulations and requirements, visit our page on How to Adopt in Mississippi. For an overview on adoption laws pertaining to birth parents and adoptive families, read the sections below. Birth Parents: As the child’s mother, you must give written consent to the adoption before it will be officially recognized. Each state has unique laws regarding when a birth mother can terminate her parental rights and how it must be done; in Mississippi, you must wait 72 hours after giving birth before giving consent. The father of your child also has rights that must be properly terminated. Like you, he can give his written consent to the adoption. If he cannot be contacted, or you cannot obtain his consent for another reason, speak to your adoption specialist. Adoptive Families: In Mississippi, the basic requirements for adoption eligibility outline who is legally allowed to adopt. Additionally, your adoption professional may have its own set of requirements that you must meet in order to work with them. Other criteria for eligibility can include age, marital status, or religious affiliation. If you have any concerns about your adoption eligibility, speak to your professional or visit our Mississippi adoption page.

County Court Information

At the end of the adoption process, every adoption must be legally finalized in court. If you are adopting in Baltimore, Maryland, find information about finalizing your adoption in your county by visiting the Harrison County web page.

Things to Do in Gulfport

If you are traveling to Gulfport to adopt, you should expect to remain in the state of Mississippi for 7-10 business days. During that time, here are some things you can do in and around Gulfport:
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