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Jersey City Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Jersey City, NJ
Whether you are a hopeful parent seeking to adopt or a pregnant woman considering an adoption plan, there are many local adoption and foster care resources in Jersey City. The following provides information about local adoption agencies, home study providers and other adoption services in and around Jersey City, New Jersey.
Additional resources for expectant mothers and adoptive parents throughout the state are included in our New Jersey adoption information.

Adoption Agencies and Professionals near Jersey City

There are multiple kinds of adoption professionals you can consult if you are considering adoption, including facilitators, law firms, and law centers. Adoption agencies, whether they are national or local, are beneficial to expecting mothers and adoptive families because they provide all of the services you need in one place.
Here, you can find some adoption professionals near the Jersey City area or in the state of New Jersey:

Foster Care Professionals

If you are interested in fostering a child in or near Jersey City, you will need to meet all state requirements for foster parents and complete the home study process. The requirements to become a foster parent in New Jersey include:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and 10 years older than the child in your care
  • Show proof of ability to financially support yourself
  • Pass a home study
  • Complete 27 hours of PRIDE training

To get started or to ask more questions about foster care, contact one of your nearby professionals:

Home Study Professionals

Anyone seeking to adopt or become a foster parent in Jersey City must complete a home study that satisfies all New Jersey requirements. Information about the New Jersey home study process, qualifications and post-placement study is available here.
In addition, the following professionals are legally qualified to perform home studies in New Jersey and can provide more information about what to expect during the home study:
Near Jersey City:

  • Homestudies & Adoption Placement Services
    Located in Teaneck, HAPS is devoted to helping families through a variety of adoption services, including domestic and international home studies.
  • United Family
    United Family offers a variety of different home study, evaluation, and post-placement services for families in New Jersey.

In New Jersey:

  • Holt International
    With multiple locations across the country, Holt International has specialists to help families anywhere with their home study needs.
  • Golden Cradle Adoption Services
    You can find contact information and guidelines for how to complete a New Jersey home study on the Golden Cradle website.
  • Family Options
    Family Options is a licensed, non-profit adoption agency that is staffed with licensed professionals to help you through your home study.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about New Jersey home study providers.

Hospitals in Jersey City

A crucial part of an expecting mother’s adoption plan is preparing for her hospital stay. If you are pursuing adoption for your child, you will want to speak to your adoption specialist and healthcare provider as your due date approaches. Together, you will be able to plan what kind of delivery experience you want, who you want to be with you, and how much time you would like with your baby.
As you begin thinking about your hospital trip, you can contact one of the following nearby hospitals:

New Jersey Adoption Law and Eligibility

Before you begin your adoption journey, you should become familiar with your state’s adoption laws. Whether you are a prospective birth mother or adoptive family, your home state has laws and regulations that protect your rights and let you know how to proceed with an adoption.
You can learn more on our page on How to Adopt in New Jersey, or read the sections below for an overview.
Birth Parents:
Many birth mothers and fathers have questions about the laws, rules and qualifications for placing a baby for adoption in Jersey City. Information about adoption consent, relinquishment, Ohio paternity laws and more can be found at the Child Welfare Information Gateway.
Adoptive Families:
In New Jersey, state laws determine the adoption expenses that can be paid by adoptive families, the requirements for finalizing an international adoption, the use of advertising and facilitators, and more. An outline of laws and regulations for adoptive families in New Jersey can be found here.

County Court Information

If you are adopting a child in Cleveland, Ohio, your adoption will be finalized in court. When it is time for your hearing, you can contact your adoption professional for more information and guidance. You can find more information on local courts at the Hudson Vicinage page.

Things to Do in Jersey City

After the birth parents’ parental rights are terminated, adoptive families must remain in the state where the adoption took place for 7-10 business days before they return to their home state. If you are not from New Jersey but you are adopting in Jersey City, here are some places to visit while you wait:

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