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How to Find Adoptive Families in Tennessee [3 Tips to Consider]

The key to finding the right adoptive families in Tennessee is working with the right adoption agency.

Once you’ve decided to place your baby for adoption, you may start to think about what qualities the perfect adoptive families in Tennessee would have.

Since you get to choose the family for your baby, you get to decide what the perfect type of family will be like. Although these qualities differ for every prospective birth mother, we’re going to give three tips that can help you start this important search.

If you find yourself thinking:

“I’m looking for parents to adopt my baby. How do I even start the search?”


“I’m not just looking for someone to adopt my baby. I’m looking for the perfect adoptive family.”

You are not alone, and your thoughts are valid.

Thankfully, these three tips can decrease the stress of choosing adoptive parents in Tennessee (and throughout the United States) for your baby:

  • Tip 1: Research adoption agencies 
  • Tip 2: List qualities you’d like to see in adoptive families’ adoption profile
  • Tip 3: Search adoption profiles

Tip 1: Research Adoption Agencies

The right adoption agency knows what it feels like when you’re trying to find families looking to adopt a baby in Tennessee. A reputable agency will have empathetic adoption specialists. These professionals understand the mix of emotions every prospective birth mother feels. 

You can start your adoption agency search by looking for agencies with a national reach. These agencies will have access to more families that want to adopt. Because these agencies work with more adoptive families in Tennessee and around the country, they can show you adoption profiles that feature qualities you admire.

Modern adoption agencies typically keep their families’ adoption profiles online. This makes them easy to search for and allows you to get to know each family better.

Start your agency research by looking at these reputable adoption agency websites:

American Adoptions: American Adoptions is a national adoption agency, meaning it serves adoptive families and prospective birth mothers throughout the U.S. You can search adoptive families’ profiles and watch adoptive parents’ adoption videos online. Prospective adoptive mothers’ can call 1-800-ADOPTION to find out more about this agency. 

Miriam’s Promise: An adoption agency in Tennessee.

Harmony Family Center: An adoption agency in Tennessee that also offers child and family-centered community services.

Catholic Charities of Tennessee: A Catholic organization. It is an adoption agency and a community service provider.

Hannah’s Hope: A Christian adoption agency in Tennessee.

Remember: Finding the right adoption agency will help you find families wanting to adopt. And working with an agency that has a national reach can make finding the perfect adoptive family for your child easier.

Tip 2: List Qualities You’d Like to See in Adoptive Families’ Adoption Profiles

With the help of your adoption agency, now’s a great time to list the things you’d like to see in adoptive parents’ adoption profiles. Some simple things to start to think about include:

  • Do you want your baby to grow up in a family with no other children?
  • Do you prefer a family with a lot of siblings?
  • Would you like to find a family that already has adopted children?
  • Do you want your child’s parents to share your baby’s cultural or racial background?
  • Would you prefer your child to grow up in a religious or non-religious household?
  • What values would you like the adoptive family to have?
  • What types of hobbies, pastimes, or traditions would you like your child’s family to have?
  • Do you want your baby to have opportunities to travel?
  • Would you like your child to have parents that value the arts, athletics, or music?
  • Do you want your baby to live in a house with pets?

These are some good questions to get you started. Knowing the qualities you admire can make narrowing down the list of families wanting to adopt in Tennessee (or anywhere else in the country) easier.

Tip 3: Search Adoption Profiles in Tennessee

Once you’ve chosen an adoption agency to work with and know the type of family you are looking for, it’s time to start looking at adoption profiles online. Your adoption specialist will help you navigate their adoption website. They also will show you the couples looking to adopt in Tennessee who may fit your list of needs. There are many diverse families waiting to adopt in the U.S.

A critical tool that will make finding the right family for your child easier is your adoption plan. Some adoption plan factors include post-adoption communication, adoptive family considerations, and anything else your adoption professional may recommend. Your adoption specialist knows the questions to ask to help you form this plan.

Now that you’ve consulted the initial list you made, settled on an adoption agency, and have started working with an adoption specialist, it’s time to browse adoptive families looking to adopt in Tennessee on your adoption agency’s website.

Although this experience can feel overwhelming, remember that your adoption specialist is here to help you – that’s their job!

Get Continuing Support After You Find Adoptive Parents for Your Baby

Finding families that want to adopt in Tennessee can feel overwhelming. But, once you’ve made your adoptive parents’ wish list and settled on an adoption agency to work with, the process will get increasingly easier, thanks to your skilled adoption specialist.

To summarize, finding adoptive families to adopt your baby is a lot easier when you consider these three tips:

  • Find an adoption agency: Remember that a national adoption agency has the resources to connect you with diverse adoptive families who live across the U.S.
  • Make an “adoptive parents” wish list: If you consult an adoption agency after you’ve decided the adoptive family qualities that are important to you, finding adoptive parents will feel more manageable. 
  • Talk to your adoption specialist: Talk to your adoption specialist to help you find the adoption profiles online that meet your needs.

You are never alone during the adoption process. Many adoption agencies will continue to support you even after you’ve given birth and after your baby is placed with their adoptive family.

To start looking at adoptive family profiles today, you can click here. And to get connected with a helpful adoption professional, you can contact us online.