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Do Mothers Get Paid for Adoption in Utah? [Complete Guide]

Support Available for Expectant Mothers

Do Mothers Get Paid for Adoption in Utah?

No. It is illegal to get paid for adoption in Utah. However, assistance may be available for expectant mothers who choose adoption in Utah. This assistance can cover pregnancy-related expenses like medical care, living expenses, legal expenses, and maternity expenses.

If you are an expectant mother considering adoption, you can use our online form to get in touch with an adoption professional now. They can help you understand adoption financial assistance in Utah and help you get access to all of the support that may be available to you.

This guide will outline the support that may be available to you if you are considering adoption and are wondering “do you get paid to give your baby up for adoption in Utah?”

You Can Get Free Support for Adoption

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, it is likely that you are facing difficult decisions and may not have all of the answers yet. That is OK. You should know that adoption is always free for an expectant mother.

We have put together a list of expenses that may be covered and other forms of support that you may receive during the adoption process.

If you are considering giving a baby up for adoption in Utah and money is a concern, your adoption agency may be able to help you get support for the following:

  • Counseling
  • Finding an adoptive family
  • Medical expenses
  • Maternity expenses
  • Living expenses during pregnancy
  • Legal expenses
  • Travel expenses

Because so much support can be available, finding a good adoption agency is important. Look for an adoption agency that is large and has an experienced staff that will provide you with 24/7 support. These kinds of agencies will give you the best support in your adoption journey.

Here are a couple of adoption agencies you might consider if you’d like to talk to an adoption professional now:

  • American Adoptions is a large adoption agency that focuses on open adoptions with many potential adoptive family profiles you can view online, and more than 30 years of experience helping expectant mothers. You can call 1-800-ADOPTION to reach adoption support professionals 24/7.
  • Family Connections Christian Adoptions is a faith-centered Christian adoption agency that works with both domestic and international adoption.

Next we will walk through the details of how adoption agencies can help you access the many forms of support available to you in Utah.


Many women who are searching for financial assistance for adoption in Utah already know that an unexpected pregnancy can be stressful, which is why (with a good adoption agency) counseling is always free to expectant mothers who choose adoption.

Good adoption professionals will be able to counsel you through the process of unexpected pregnancy and provide helpful information as you consider choosing adoption. Once you choose adoption, a good agency will also provide 24/7 support to you throughout the adoption process.

Finding an Adoptive Family

A good adoption agency can also connect you with potential adoptive families. When you choose open adoption, your relationship with the adoptive family can also become a long-term connection for you as well as your child.

Not only can you find the perfect adoptive family for your child, you can also be connected to potential adoptive families who have set aside money to help you with your pregnancy expenses, and who want to be there to help you during your pregnancy journey.

Your adoption agency helps mediate the relationship between you and potential adoptive families during the adoption process.

Medical Expenses

Pregnancy and giving birth can be expensive. But when you choose adoption, these expenses can be covered. An adoption professional can talk to you in more detail about medical financial assistance for adoption in Utah.

Living Expenses During Pregnancy

In addition to medical expenses, Utah’s laws allow birth parents to receive help with everyday living expenses during pregnancy, which may include:

  • Food
  • Transportation including bus passes, gasoline, car maintenance, car payments, and taxi/ride share services
  • Housing
  • Utilities and telephone
  • Sufficient apparel for the weather and circumstances
  • Daily living household supplies
  • Reasonable and minimal incidentals

Living expenses are often part of financial assistance for putting a baby up for adoption in Utah. Your adoption professional can work with you to figure out what expenses you need help with, and help you access support.

Maternity Expenses

In addition to medical and living expenses, you may have expenses that are specific to pregnancy like maternity clothing and pre-natal vitamins. These expenses can be covered in Utah, and your adoption professional can help you navigate the details.

Legal Expenses

Legal expenses may also be covered for the expectant birth mother in Utah. Your adoption agency can help you get an independent lawyer that is free to you, who can advocate for you during the adoption process.

Travel Expenses

And finally, because adoptive families and birth families do not always live near each other, you may incur travel expenses as you meet potential adoptive parents and get to know them. These expenses can be covered, and your adoption agency can help you set up meetings and access travel expense assistance.

So can you get paid for adoption in Utah? No. Do you get paid for putting your baby up for adoption in Utah? Absolutely not.

But adoption is free to expectant mothers, and if you choose adoption, you can get support now and throughout your adoption journey when you contact an adoption agency.