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How to Find Adoptive Parents in Texas

Women experiencing unplanned pregnancy choose adoption for many different reasons, but they all have one thing in common: They hope their baby has a wonderful life and a loving family.

That’s why many women considering adoption are relieved to hear that, when it comes to finding adoptive parents in Texas, it is all up to them.

When you’re a prospective birth mother, you choose the adoptive parents that you think will be best for your baby. Even though adoption means you won’t be a part of their life in the same way, you still play one of the biggest roles in shaping your child’s future when you choose their adoptive parents in Texas.

If you’re considering adoption for your baby, it may be helpful to understand how this process works. That’s why we’ve created this guide to finding adoptive parents in Texas. Here, we’ll cover how the process works, how your choice of agency impacts the Texas adoption profiles you’ll see, and what other things you should consider as a prospective birth mother.

How to Find Adoptive Parents in Texas

If you’ve already spent some time searching online, you may have come across adoption profiles in Texas or other ads from adoptive parents. While online resources like this can be great (more on this later), there’s a more complicated process involved in finding and choosing families looking to adopt a baby in Texas.

Let’s take a look at how this process works.

Step 1: Find an adoption agency.

There are local and national adoption agencies serving prospective birth mothers in Texas, and the right agency can be the key in finding waiting families for adoption in Texas. These agencies also work with hopeful adoptive parents, which is part of how they will help you connect with people looking to adopt in a baby in Texas.

To get connected with an adoption specialist now, contact us here. You can also consider the following agencies:

Step 2: Create an adoption plan.

Prospective birth mothers need to work with a professional to create a plan for their adoption. One big part of this plan is looking for someone to adopt their baby in Texas.

At this step, you’ll decide on the characteristics you want in a potential family, which will help your professional find the right Texas adoptive parent profiles to show you.

Step 3: Look through adoption profiles in Texas.

Profiles are made up of letters, photos and (sometimes) videos that give you a sense of who the adoptive parents are — the kind of family they are and the way they would raise your child. You can look through as many profiles as you want until you find the parents that you think will be perfect.

View adoptive family profiles here.

Step 4: Choose the adoptive parents you think will be best for your baby.

Once you feel like you’ve got the ones, you can let your adoption professional know that you’ve made a choice. Your professional will then reach out to the family with the opportunity. Once they have accepted, the adoption process moves on to pre-placement contact, which is a time when you can get to know the adoptive parents.

What to Look for in Couples Looking to Adopt in Texas

What matters most to you? Finding a family is one thing, but finding the perfect family for your baby is another. It can be challenging to know what to look for in all of the Texas adoption profiles you’ll see.

This is an incredibly personal decision. We can’t tell you exactly what to do. Instead, consider the following as a way to clarify your vision of the right Texas adoptive family for your baby:

Parenting Philosophy: There are hundreds of ways to raise children. Do you think adoptive parents should emphasize respect for authority and discipline, or grace and healthy growth? Many parents will include a section on parenting in their Texas adoption profile.

Family Size: Do you want your child to have siblings? What about extended family — like a large number of aunts, uncles and cousins? Family size is one way to narrow down the potential adoptive families in Texas for your child.

Approach to Education: Public, private or home-schooled: How do you hope your child will grow up learning? This is something you can ask potential adoptive parents about, as well as something they might include in their profile.

Location: Would it be better to place your child with parents looking to adopt a newborn in Texas, or in a different state? Some women desire proximity, while others feel distance is healthier.

Faith: A family’s religious affiliation can play a big part in who your child grows up to be. Does faith matter to you? If so, are you searching for families who are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or of a different faith tradition?

These are a just few character traits that many women considering adoption seek in couples looking to adopt in Texas. You may have different points that are important to you, which is great. Clearly identify what matters most to you, as this will make it more likely that you find the right parents for your baby.

How the Right Agency Helps You Find Parents for Your Baby in Texas

You have several choices when it comes to adoption agencies. The one you pick will play a large part in your experience looking for a family to adopt your baby in Texas. While there are many distinctions between agencies, there is one key difference to look for in this regard: local and national.

Local Adoption Agencies

Local agencies work with hopeful parents and prospective birth mothers within a specific state or region. National agencies (which may have an office locally) work across the country. What does this mean for you?

A local agency will likely have a smaller staff, and work with fewer adoptive families. This type of agency could offer a more personal feel, which is attractive to some prospective birth mothers. Additionally, because the agency only works locally, this could be a good choice for someone who wants to place their baby with adoptive parents who are nearby. The potential downside is that you will have fewer Texas adoption profiles to see.

National Adoption Agencies

National adoption agencies typically have larger staffs and work with many more adoptive families. If you are not prioritizing distance in your placement choice, there can be many advantages to looking for adoptive parents for your baby in Texas with a national agency.

Prospective birth mothers working with a national adoption agency will have many more profiles to look through, increasing their chances of finding a family that seems perfect for their baby. Additionally, with a larger staff, it’s less likely that your specialist will be overworked with too many cases, meaning they can dedicate more time to your search for the right adoptive parents in Texas (or anywhere else around the country).

The choice between a local and national agency is totally up to you. If you’re interested in learning more about agencies that can help you find adoptive families waiting to adopt in Texas, here are a few organizations to check out:

View Texas Adoption Profiles

Thanks to the internet, you can jump ahead a step in the process and look through potential Texas adoption profiles on your own. We’ve partnered with a large and respected national adoption agency to host adoptive family profiles on our site, and you can take a look for yourself to see if any of these families jump out to you.

Sometimes, the best way to find an answer to your question is to speak with an adoption professional. Contact us today to be connected with an adoption specialist.

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