How This Adoptee Found Her Birth Parents — and a New System of Support

Meredith Beer and her birth mother, Vania, the day the first met in 2009. Meredith Beer always knew that she was adopted — and she has always been proud of her story. When she introduced herself to her first grade class, she had to give a fun fact about herself. So, confidently (as 6 year-olds […]

How One Adoptee is Using Her Miss Texas Platform for Adoption

When Shelby Patrice Jenkins was a baby, her mother abandoned her at a caregiver’s house. She spent the next year and a half at the Crisis Center in Miami with many other foster children, all waiting for their forever families. Adopted at 19 months old, she would live with her adoptive parents for 10 years […]

Children Raised in Same-Sex Homes Shown to Have No Differences

A study conducted this month has brought us one step closer to putting arguments against same-sex parenting to rest. Conducted in April, the study showed that the general health, emotional well-being, and learning ability was about the same whether the children in the study had same-sex or opposite-sex parents.