Open Adoption


One of the biggest decisions for both prospective adoptive parents and birth parents is the amount of contact they are interested in sharing with the other adopting party.

Today, openness in adoption is more prevalent than ever because of the countless number of benefits and opportunities it presents later in life to adoptive families, birth parents, and most importantly, the adopted child.

The articles below discuss each type of adoption relationship and will help you determine which best meets your goals.

I’m Adopting

Open Adoption - The Beginning of a Beautiful Relationship

While open adoption is not for everyone, these relationships offer many benefits. Here's how open adoption works, as well as the pros and cons of open adoption.


Semi-Open/Mediated Adoption - The Best of Both Worlds

With a perfect balance of contact and privacy, learn why semi-open adoption is requested by over 90 percent of pregnant women who choose adoption.


Closed Adoption - Going Your Separate Ways

While most prospective birth mothers want some future contact, not all of them are comfortable with open adoption and prefer a more closed adoption.


Open vs. Closed Adoption - An Honest Comparison

There are many pros and cons between open and closed adoption. Find out which type of adoption is best for your situation.


Questions to Ask Adoptive Parents

When getting to know adoptive parents, it's important to create a list of interview questions to ask adoptive parents before you meet them for the first time.