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What are the Benefits of Adoption? [10 Benefits for Everyone Involved]

There are countless benefits of adopting a child and endless advantages of placing a child for adoption.

Adoption can provide peace of mind for birth parents, the joy of a child for adoptive parents and a safe and loving home for a child.

The advantages of adoption are clear to the children and families who have experienced it. Seeing past adoption misconceptions can be difficult from the outside, but it is important to know that adoption is always worth it. Children don’t get to choose their situation, and most adopted children cannot choose their adoptive parents. But, when birth parents choose adoption, one benefit of adoption is they can choose their child’s adoptive parents.

Through adoption, birth parents give a precious gift to a family, hopeful parents get the opportunity to have a child and children can gain a strong sense of self-confidence in knowing their special adoption story.

What are the Benefits of “Giving a Baby Up” for Adoption?

“I knew I wasn’t prepared to give [my baby] the love, attention and life she deserved… [By choosing adoption],  I changed at least three people’s lives for the better — her adoptive parents and of course our daughter. That is the most wonderful feeling.” – Sharon, a birth mother who placed her child for adoption.

Adoption is often referred to as “giving a baby up”, but the fact is that birth parents love their baby so much that they choose to place their baby with a family who can give him or her the best possible life.

Those who do not understand the love and grief that accompany adoption can be harsh to birth parents, but most birth parents know that their decision for adoption was the absolute best decision. As a birth parent, you can share the positive impact and advantages of adoption for so many other lives as well.

Adoption can be a very emotional and difficult decision for prospective birth parents to make. A benefit of adoption is that you are not alone — prospective adoptive parents feel those same emotions along with you.

Here are just some of the many birth parent benefits in adoption:

Adoption Can Give You Peace of Mind

Birth parents have the adoption benefit of knowing their child will be raised in a stable and nurturing home. When you work with a licensed adoption agency or adoption attorney, you can be reassured that all waiting families have completed an adoption screening process to include a home study inspection and family interviews. You can always know that you fulfilled hopeful parents’ dreams by helping them start or grow their family by placing your child into their lives.

Adoption is Always Free for You

Not only is adoption always free for prospective birth parents, but adoption financial assistance can be available to help with your living expenses. Other free resources, like adoption counseling and support, are also available to you throughout the adoption process. These financial benefits of adoption can provide the financial freedom and emotional support you need to continue your life goals, such as your career and education, after adoption.

Adoption Can Prevent the Struggle of Being a Single Parent

There is an adoption benefit for birth mothers who do not have the support of the baby’s father — you don’t have to be a single parent. Adoption can also improve your potential for success later in life. Studies show that, compared to single mothers who choose to raise their babies, birth mothers are:

  • more likely to finish school
  • less likely to live in poverty
  • more likely to marry
  • less likely to divorce
  • more likely to be employed a year after the baby is born

“When I found out that I was pregnant, I was very busy with work. I travel all around the country which I really, really love, but I don’t really spend long periods of time in one spot. I always pictured, in my late 30s, that I would be more settled and probably already had a family at that point — it just didn’t work out the way that I planned. I probably could have raised a child on my own, but they wouldn’t have had the same life as they would with a family.” — Colleen, a birth mother who placed her child for adoption.

Open Adoption Allows Birth Parents to Remain in Their Child’s Life

Yes, birth parents can maintain contact with their child through open adoption, which until recently has been a little-known adoption benefit. When you choose open adoption, you get to choose the level of communication you feel comfortable with between yourself, the adoptive parents and their child. With an open adoption, you will always know how your child is doing, and you can watch him or her thrive because of your adoption decision. Studies have shown the advantages of communication for everyone involved in an open adoption.

If you are ready to experience the benefits of adoption first-hand, you can contact an adoption professional online today.

Benefits for Adoptive Parents [And Their Families]

“I got the chance to support [the birth mother] through the delivery, and I was able to cut the cord. We both teared up and thanked each other for the support and this opportunity.” – Andrea, and her husband Robert, who are adoptive parents.

Hopeful parents who decide to adopt often wonder why they didn’t start the adoption process sooner because the benefits of adopting a child are significant and life-changing. Couples often struggle for years to start or grow their family before considering the advantages of adoption.

Here are just a few of them:

Adoption Gives Hopeful Parents an Opportunity to Share Their Lives with a Child

The benefits of adoption enhance the joy of life experiences for hopeful parents.

  • Adoption fulfills the dream of parenthood for couples who are experiencing infertility.
  • Same-sex couples can raise a child together in a loving home through adoption.
  • A single hopeful parent can start or grow their family by becoming an adoptive parent.

These parents get the thing they want most in the world — a family — all because of a brave decision made by their child’s birth parents. To these families, birth parents are heroes.

The Benefits of Adoption are Not Limited to the Joys of Raising a Child

Adoption is a selfless and courageous act that fills important needs in a child’s life — the need for love, safety and nurturing that parents provide. There are many types of adoption, but it is important to remember that adoption allows parents to provide the best possible life for their child. All children deserve the chance to live the best life possible.

Adoption is a process that adoptive families can enjoy for a lifetime, sharing their adoption story to educate and advocate for the advantages of adoption.

Open Adoption Allows Trusting Relationships

“Knowing up front how beneficial open adoption is for the kid — I think that’s a key component. When you understand…how big of a deal it is for the baby, that really is an eye-opener.” –Ryan, and his wife Jeannine, who are adoptive parents.

Another benefit of adoption is communication through open adoption. Adoptive parents can get to know and form special relationships with their child’s birth family. Many adoptive parents admit that adoption not only grew their family by one child, but also by adding their child’s biological family. Birth parents and adoptive parents often become lifelong friends.

If you know that adoption is the best way to start or grow your family, you can contact an adoption professional online today to start your journey toward the benefits of adoption.

Benefits of Adoption for the Child

“I love my birth family. They have always made it very clear that they love me. I love my family. These were the people that I ended up with in my life, and I wouldn’t change it.” – Diana, an adoptee through open adoption.

Adoption is a factor that can significantly shape a child’s life to be more meaningful, fulfilling and full of opportunities they may not have had otherwise.

Here are a few examples of the advantages of being adopted.

Adoptees are Raised in a Home where Parents Planned and Prepared for a Child

Adoptees may have the adoption benefit of opportunities that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Adoptive homes offer a safe, stable environment for a child to grow. Adoptive parents are often more likely to have the financial resources to provide opportunities like travel and college for their child. Often, hopeful parents already have a room full of toys, books, clothes and games ready for their child weeks, months and even years before they bring their child home.

Adoptees are Raised Knowing They Have Parents Who Love Them

Adoptees have the adoption benefit of having two sets of parents, and through adoption, they will know that they are loved by both of their families. This is the true meaning of adoption — the unconditional love of everyone involved. An adoptee’s biological parents love them so much that they selflessly chose to give them the best life possible.

Adoptees Are More Likely to be Healthy, Active and Make Good Grades

Researchers have studied and proven the advantages of adoption for children. It may help you to see the statistics associated with the quality of life for adoptees.

In 2007, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published the following findings on the advantages of adoption for adoptees:

  • More likely to have health insurance than children in the general population.
  • Less likely to live in households below the poverty line than children in the general population.
  • 68% were read to every day as young children.
  • 73% were sung to and told stories every day.
  • 85% participated in extracurricular activities as school-aged children.
  • Over 50% were reported to have very good or excellent performance in reading, language arts and math.

Many adoptees in an open adoption have a healthy self-identity because they grow up knowing who their birth parents are and why their birth parents placed them for adoption. Children in an open adoption learn that adoption can be something to be proud of.

This is what Cole, an adoptee, said when asked if anyone ever made him feel different because he is adopted:

“I always feel different, but not like a weird stand-out different, but like a special different. Like, if we were all beads, I feel like a golden bead among the blue beads.”

More about the Benefits of Adoption

The advantages of adoption listed in this article are just a few of the basic adoption benefits. You can learn more about the benefits of adoption by beginning your personal adoption process at any time. You can contact an adoption professional online to learn about placing a child for adoption and also if you are looking to adopt a child.

If you would like to know more about adoption and learn about personal adoption stories you can do the following:

Adoption is a rewarding and fulfilling experience for everyone involved. Even extended family members, friends and community members can benefit from the addition of a child through adoption. Everyone benefits when the loving and selfless choice of adoption is made to provide a child with the best life possible.