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28 Important Adoption Blogs You Must Read Today

Adoption is an exciting, beautiful way to build a family — and there are many birth mothers, adoptive families and adoptees out there that are proudly sharing their adoption stories. Many of them keep a blog or social media account to document what their life is like with adoption, to spread awareness of why adoption is important and to just provide insight into how normal life can be for members of the adoption triad.
However, when you search the internet for “adoption blogs,” you’ll likely get a huge number of results. While the majority of these blogs are likely good sources of educational and entertaining adoption stories, not all will be. So, how do you find the ones that apply most to you?
We’ve made it one step easier for you in this article. Here, find several adoption blogs we recommend, separated into different themes and topics so you can choose the ones you’re most interested in:

General Adoption Blogs

There are many blogs out there that tackle various aspects of adoption. Some (like our blog!) address all aspects of adoption, serving as an educational resource for prospective birth parents, adoptive parents and anyone else interested in the adoption process. To learn more about general adoption information, continue checking in with our Considering Adoption blog and check out these other adoption blogs:

Adoptive Parents Blogs

Because adoption is a fascinating and rewarding journey, many adoptive parents feel compelled to write about their experiences going through the adoption process and raising adopted children. Their adoption blogs help shed a light on what it’s really like to be an adoptive parent, providing a great resource to other prospective adoptive parents who want to hear about the experience from someone who’s actually been through it.
Here are some to follow:

  • The Big Long Wait, by an adoptive mom of two girls
  • Karen’s Calling, which is a joint blog by an adoptive mom and her son’s birth mother about their open adoption
  • Adoptive Black Mom, where one adoptive mom talks about her unique experience as an African-American adoptive parent
  • Expecting Miracles, where adoptive mom Ashley writes about the challenges of parenting after adopting her daughter

Adoptee Blogs

Likewise, just as adoptive parents want to write about their experiences, there are many older adoptees who have decided to reflect upon their experience in a public forum like a blog. Perhaps they went through a closed adoption and wanted to document their adoption reunion stories, or just want to share adoption stories from adopted children to build a greater online community for adoptees.
Some blogs to take a look at include:

  • The Adopted Life, where adult adoptee Angela explores her adoption reunion journey and how it’s shaped her today
  • Harlow’s Monkey, written by an adult South Korean adoptee about growing up in a transracial adoptive family
  • Legally Fictional Reality, where an adult adoptee muses about how adoption continues to affect her life from day to day
  • An Adopted Kid, where an adult adoptee reunited with her birth family writes about her life

Birth Parent Blogs

While there are admittedly fewer adoption blogs written by birth mothers than by adoptive parents, these voices are important in the adoption process — and should be listened to and learned from. Check out these blogs to learn more about what it’s like to be on the other side of the adoption journey:

  • Thoughts from a Birth Mother, in which birth mother Lindsay shares her thoughts and advice on different aspects of the adoption journey
  • BirthMom Buds, run by two birth mothers who offer support and advice for other women in the same situation as them
  • The Happiest Sad, while ended in 2016, is still a good resource as one birth mother’s recounting of her adoption story from the very beginning
  • Blessings in Disguise, another birth mother blog that’s older but still contains great thoughts on the birth mother’s perspective in adoption

Transracial Adoption Blogs

Transracial adoption is another process where prospective adoptive parents look for advice and support from others who have been through the process. Whether you’re currently parenting a child of a different race or considering pursuing this kind of adoption, you can learn more from these adoption blogs:

  • Rage Against the Minivan, where foster care and transracial adoptive mom Kristen blogs about her four children
  • My Real Kid, in which adoptive mom Allie writes about adopting and raising her black son
  • Shelly Writes, where an adoptive mom of two writes about overcoming infertility to becoming a parent
  • White Sugar, Brown Sugar, written by an adoptive mother of four multiracial children

Foster Care Adoption Blogs

Being a foster parent or adopting a child from foster care is a uniquely difficult process, and many of these parents turn to blogs to express their feelings, challenges and joys throughout the process. These adoption blogs are good reminder that, in the end, all of the difficulties are worth it. Read these parents’ blogs to learn more:

  • Confessions of an Adoptive Parent, written by foster parents Mike and Kristin, who have been foster parent for eight years and adopted eight children along the way
  • See Jamie Blog, a blog by three-time foster-care adoptive mom about the struggles of foster care and special needs adoption
  • No Bohns About It, written by a couple who were foster parents for three years before adopting their children
  • Dropping Anchors, a foster care blog created by a group of foster mothers across North America

International Adoption Blogs

Finally, international adoption blogs are another great resource to read and learn from. In most circumstances, international adoption is a whole other beast than adoption within the United States, and these parents’ blogs are a great way to find out more about what the process is really like:

  • Lauren Casper, who adopted two children from Ethiopia
  • Mix & Match Mama, where adoptive mom Shay blogs about life with her two biological children and two adopted children from China
  • Ripped Jeans and Bifocals, where adoptive mom Jill writes about life with one biological child and two adopted Chinese children
  • This Gathered Nest, where an adoptive and biological mom of five writes about parenting her two internationally adopted children, one domestically adopted child and her two biological children

If you don’t find an adoption blog within this article that fits with your situation, keep researching — there are many more adoption blogs online, covering every aspect of the adoption process you could ever think of. If you’re of the creative mind yourself, you can always start your own adoption blog and start spreading awareness of what you think is most important in the adoption process, too!