How to Celebrate National Adoption Day 2018

National Adoption Day was instituted to raise awareness about the children needing help in the foster care system. Whether you’re interested in adopting or have already adopted, here are some suggestions for celebrating National Adoption Day with your family.

How You Can Show Your Support for World Adoption Day

World Adoption Day is special occasion that happens every November 9. On this day, those that have been adopted and people that have adopted a child take the time to raise awareness about adoption. If you would like to learn how you can raise awareness about adoption, here are some great ideas.

3 Ways You Can Support National Adoption Month

You may have never considered adopting a child. That’s okay, because the point of National Adoption Month isn’t to convince everyone to adopt. This month is a great opportunity to spread awareness about adoption and to take action.

What Happens if You Can’t Pay for an Adoption on Time?

It’s a question we occasionally hear: What happens if you can’t pay for an adoption on time? The best practice, of course, is to do everything you can to ensure that this situation does not happen. However, life isn’t always predictable. This article explains what happens if you can’t pay for an adoption on time.

The Importance of Bonding Time for Adoptive Families

Should adoptive families have a bonding time with no visitors when they first bring home a child? Here are some resources, and a few practicalities, to consider when making your choice about whether or not to allow visitors right away:

Commemorating Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

When it comes to losing a child, one that we never got the chance to meet, everyone seems to be at a loss for words. Here, learn a little more about this special day, and how to honor a child that you may not have gotten the chance to meet.