Can I Still Choose Closed Adoption?

Open and semi-open adoptions account for the vast majority of modern-day domestic infant adoptions. But, as a prospective birth mother, you could want some space and a fresh start. Is closed adoption still a choice for you? Find out here.

Social Media Etiquette in Adoption

Putting our best foot forward when it comes to social media etiquette will benefit both the birth family and the adoptive family as they move ahead in adoption and the years to come.

Talking to Your Parents About Your Adoption

Adoption can be a tricky thing to talk about, especially with your parents. You may have a lot of feelings about this subject, and so will they. Here are some tips to have a positive conversation with your parents about your adoption.

The Highs and Lows of Adopting a Baby

To say that there are hills and valleys during the adoption process may seem obvious to some, but unless you’ve lived through it all, the mountains don’t look quite so high or the valleys so low. Allow these highs and lows to better ready you as you experience adoption firsthand.

10 Things You’ll Feel During the Adoption Wait

My husband and I have experienced many different emotions as we wait to adopt. We have seen many good days and some difficult feelings on our journey. The first step to persevering through the wait is a better understanding of what you’ll be feeling.