Adoption Decisions – Part 2: Domestic vs. International

After the long and prayerful decision to begin the adoption journey for your family, your varieties of options have just begun. What you must also research and conclude is whether your family will be more suited for a domestic or international adoption.

New York Passes New Open Records Adoption Law

A new law allows New York adoptees to access their original birth certificate upon turning 18 years old. It’s a huge change from the previously sealed-certificate legislation in place since 1935.

ICWA Legality To Be Challenged Again in Federal Court

The ongoing challenge to the Indian Child Welfare Act continues with the news that a federal court will rehear a lawsuit filed by an adoptive couple claiming the legislation unconstitutionally discriminates based on race.

Adoption Decisions – Part 1: Deciding to Adopt

It’s difficult to make realistic decisions about adoption if you don’t have a realistic understanding of how the process works. In a series of upcoming blogs, many steps of a real adoption will be addressed, beginning with the very first: deciding to adopt.

World Adoption Day

World Adoption Day is all about celebrating everyone whose life has been touched by adoption. Learn more here about how you can get involved.

A Waiting Mom’s Perspective on Adoption Paperwork

If you’re considering adoption or starting the process, those mounds of paperwork can seem overwhelming. Here’s a glimpse into our experience with the adoption paperwork to help you better prepare for the journey ahead:

How to Celebrate National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month, a special time to shine a light on all the beautiful ways that families come together. Learn more here about how you can support a youth in foster care or an adoptee in your life today.