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How to Find Adoptive Parents in Georgia [3 Ways Adoption Specialists Help]

One of the joys of choosing adoption for your baby is picking an adoptive family.

No birth mother has to find adoptive parents in Georgia on her own. Your adoption agency will provide you with an adoption specialist who can help.

An adoption professional will help you search through adoptive families’ adoption profiles. In time, you’ll find the right adoptive parents for your child.

Adoption specialists help prospective birth moms find adoptive parents in three ways:

  1. An adoption specialist can help you determine the adoptive family qualities you admire.
  2. An adoption specialist at an adoption agency has access to many adoptive parents.
  3. An adoption specialist can help you determine how open your adoption is.

If you’re ready to find an adoption specialist, you can speak to an adoption professional today for free.

1. An Adoption Specialist Can Help You Figure Out Adoptive Families’ Qualities You Admire

Choosing the adoptive family that will raise your child is a big task. You should not have to do it alone! When you decide to work with an adoption agency, you get to work with an adoption specialist. Your adoption professional will help you build your adoption plan. Your plan will include the adoptive family qualities you admire.

An adoptive family quality list could include:

  • Your preferred family type: Do you want your child to grow up with other children or in a single-child household?
  • Your preferred home environment: Do you want your child to grow up in a suburban, rural, or urban setting? Do you want your child to live near the mountains or a beach?
  • Your preferred family’s location: Do you want to find adoptive parents who live in Georgia or somewhere else in the United States?
  • Your preferred family’s culture: Do you have cultural, educational, religious, or racial preferences that should be considered when you’re looking for families wanting to adopt? 

Once you create your ideal adoptive family list, your adoption specialist will begin matching you with an adoptive family. Your adoption professional will present you with multiple adoptive family profiles. However, it’s important to know that some adoption professionals will give you more families to look at than others.

National adoption agencies work with dozens — or even hundreds — of families at once. That means you can look through as many families as you want until you find the perfect fit. With smaller, local agencies, you may only have a small handful of families to consider.

Because of this, many women find that working with a national agency is a better option.

Take all the time you need to look through the family’s photos, video profiles, and written testimonials. This is an important decision! Once you decide, your adoption specialist will help you start the next step of the adoption process. 

2. An Adoption Specialist at an Adoption Agency Has Access to Many Adoption Parents

Some prospective birth mothers independently find adoptive parents.

Although finding an adoptive family in Georgia on your own is a good option, it can be a difficult one to execute. If you find an adoptive family on your own, make sure you consider the following:

  • Find an adoption attorney: You must find a reputable adoption attorney who can help you follow Georgia’s adoption laws. These laws include adoption financial compensation laws, adoption consent laws, and more.
  • You’ll miss out on some perks: Adoption agencies provide prospective birth mothers with extra services, such as emotional support and financial help.

If you work with an adoption agency, you can access all the agency’s prospective adoptive families. Depending on the agency you work with, these families will live in the state or somewhere else in the U.S.

  • Local or regional adoption agencies: Local and regional adoption agencies serve people in Georgia. Although these agencies offer the same services as national adoption agencies, they are smaller. You have a better chance of working with your adoption specialist in person but have access to fewer adoptive family adoption profiles in Georgia.
  • National adoption agencies: National adoption agencies serve people in Georgia and throughout the U.S. Although you may not meet your adoption specialist in person, you will have more access to adoptive parents in Georgia and across the country. More parents to choose from means a better chance of finding the type of family you want for your baby.

The following are a few of the adoption agencies that serve prospective adoptive families and prospective birth mothers in Georgia:

3. An Adoption Specialist Can Help You Determine How Open Your Adoption is

Many prospective birth mothers wonder if they will continue to have a relationship with their baby and their baby’s adoptive family post-adoption. The answers to these questions vary. An adoption specialist can explain how your relationship with your child and the adoptive family can grow or end. It all has to do with the type of adoption you choose.

An adoption specialist will explain the different types of adoption in-depth.

Open Adoption in Georgia

Open adoption is what it sounds like. When you choose an open adoption:

  • You can communicate with your child and your child’s adoptive parents during your pregnancy and after your baby is born.
  • You may choose to regularly exchange photos with your child or arrange for weekly video chats.
  • Or, you may decide that you would like to see your child and their adoptive family during the holidays every year.

Your adoption specialist will help you determine how “open” your open adoption is. All open adoptions are different, and that’s because all prospective birth mothers are different!

What’s right for you may not be right for someone else, and that’s okay. You can choose to have an open adoption even if you don’t live in the same state as your child.

Semi-Open Adoption in Georgia

A semi-open adoption has aspects of open adoption and closed adoption. If you choose a semi-open adoption, your adoption specialist will mediate any contact you have with your child and your child’s adoptive parents.

So, you will still get updates on your child, and you can give your child updates, but all communication goes through an adoption specialist.

Closed Adoption in Georgia

When you choose a closed adoption, it means you will have no contact with your child or the adoptive parents. If you think regular contact will put too much pressure on you and the adoptive family, you may select to have a closed adoption. You also may choose a closed adoption if you prefer to keep your adoption story to yourself.

Another reason a prospective birth mother may choose to have a closed adoption is if she thinks getting adoption updates will be too difficult. You can still choose your baby’s adoptive parents if you decide to have a closed adoption. 

Although the type of adoption you have is up to you, you and the adoptive parents you choose must agree on the type of adoption you both will have. No matter what type of adoption you choose, know that an adoption specialist is here to make sure that you feel comfortable with your decision and get support throughout and after your adoption.

Having an adoption specialist can make choosing an adoptive family easier. The process can feel much less intimidating when you have an adoption agency and adoption specialist providing you with information that will allow you to make your own decisions about your adoption.

Your adoption specialist is here to help you. With the help of your adoption professional, you can find the adoptive parents in Georgia (or anywhere else in the country) that are best for you and your baby.