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Rockville Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Rockville, Maryland
Whether you are interested in adoption as an expectant mother or prospective adoptive parent in Rockville, there are many local adoption and foster care agencies, home study professionals and other adoption and foster care services available in your area.

Read on to learn more about local professionals and adoption in Rockville, Maryland.

Rockville Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

As you complete each step of the adoption process, your adoption professional will provide the services and support you need. There are many adoption professionals to choose from, including national and local adoption agencies as well as adoption attorneys.
Some adoptive and birth parents prefer to work with a local adoption agency. Here are some local adoption professionals serving Rockville:

Rockville Foster Care Resources

Prospective foster parents must complete a home study and meet all state licensing requirements to ensure they are fully prepared to foster a child.
If you would like more information or if you are ready to begin the foster care or foster to adopt process in Rockville, contact the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services to get started.
Additional information about the requirements and process to become a foster parent or adopt from the foster system is available on our adoption in Maryland page and through the Maryland Department of Human Resources.  

Home Study Providers in Rockville

The home study is one of the most important parts of the foster care and adoption process in Rockville. In Maryland, the home study evaluates prospective parents and ensures they are ready to adopt based on criminal records checks, personal interviews, and more. For a detailed overview of what to expect during the home study process, visit our How to Adopt in Maryland page.
Your home study must be conducted by a legally qualified professional in Maryland. To begin the home study process, contact a provider in your area:

  • Adoption Makes Family, Inc.410-683-2100
    Adoption Makes Family, Inc. is a licensed, nonprofit adoption agency that focuses on providing international and domestic home studies.
  • Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Inc.301-587-4400
    Cradle of Hope Adoption Center is a licensed, nonprofit, Hague-accredited adoption agency providing home study, placement and post-adoption services to families adopting in the U.S. and overseas.
  • Creative Adoptions, Inc.301-596-1521
    Creative Adoptions is able to provide home studies, updates and post-placement services for Maryland residents.
  • Adoptions Together301-439-2900
    Adoptions Together offers home studies for families adopting through their placement programs and to families adopting through other agencies and attorneys.
  • Global Adoption Services410-569-9384
    Global Adoption Services, Inc. is a licensed and Hague-accredited nonprofit adoption agency serving families seeking home studies and post-adoption services.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Maryland home study providers.

Hospitals in Rockville

Finally, the time will come for the hospital stay and arrival of the baby. If you are an expectant mother making an adoption plan, you will have total control over your hospital stay, including who is in the delivery room with you, how much you interact with the adoptive family, and more. This is known as your hospital plan.
Your adoption professional can help you develop your hospital plan and coordinate with hospital staff to ensure your plan is followed. Here are some Rockville hospitals you may work with as you create your plan:

Adoption Laws and Qualifications

Can I adopt in Rockville? What are the laws for placing a baby for adoption in Rockville? These are common questions for local couples and individuals considering adoption. Adoption laws, qualifications and processes are determined by the state of Maryland. The following provides some information about the types of adoption laws and regulations in place in Rockville and throughout the rest of the state.
For Birth Parents
Many expectant parents have questions about the laws, rules and process of placing a baby for adoption in Rockville. An overview of Maryland laws regarding consent, relinquishment, and paternity is available on our Maryland adoption page.
For Adoptive Families
Answers to your questions about the qualifications to adopt or foster a child, finalize an international adoption or use adoption advertisers or facilitators are included in our Maryland adoption information.
County Courts
The final step in the legal adoption process is finalization. Your adoption attorney will guide you through the finalization process and ensure your adoption is completed in accordance with Maryland adoption laws. Find more information about your local court and adoption finalization in Montgomery County.

Things to Do in Rockville

Many families adopting from Rockville end up spending some time in the city during the adoption process.  Whether you are visiting prospective birth parents or waiting for ICPC clearances, here are some attractions to visit during your stay:

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