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Worcester Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Worcester MA As a family hoping to grow through adoption or a pregnant woman considering adoption for your baby, you will need a variety of services and support throughout the adoption process. Here, you will find all the local adoption agencies, foster care information and home study providers you need to complete your adoption in the Worcester area.

Worcester Adoption Agencies and Professionals

As a prospective birth parent or adoptive family, the professional you work with will play an important role throughout the adoption process, providing adoption services and support to ensure a successful adoption. If you prefer to work with a local or regional adoption professional, consider these nearby adoption agencies:

Become a Worcester Foster Parent

Foster parents must meet slightly different requirements than adoptive parents if they want to work with a foster care agency. In Massachusetts, foster parents must:
  • Be 18 years of age or over
  • Complete a home study
  • Attend MAPP training
  • Have a steady income
If you are ready to begin the foster care process or are looking for more information, you can contact a local adoption professional:

Home Study Providers

Whether you are interested in adopting an infant through a private domestic adoption agency or becoming a foster parent in Worcester, you will need to complete a home study that meets Massachusetts state requirements. The home study ensures that your home is safe and suitable for raising a child. When you are ready to begin the home study process, contact a Massachusetts home study provider near you: Near Worcester:
  • Adoption Resource Associates 617-492-8888 ARA is a licensed, nonprofit agency that offers home studies to families adopting in or out of the country.
  • Adoption Resources 800-533-4346 With more than 140 year of experience in family services, Adoption Resources has the experience and qualifications to help families complete their home studies and post-placement assessments.
Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Massachusetts home study providers.

Hospitals in Worcester

One of the most anticipated events of an adoption is the hospital trip. If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption, you will eventually work with your specialist and healthcare provider to develop a hospital plan. This plan helps you determine the kind of labor experience you want and who you want to be there with you. If you are ready to begin thinking about your hospital plan, you can start by contacting one of your nearby hospitals:

Massachusetts Adoption Law and Eligibility

When pursuing an adoption, potential birth parents and adoptive families must all abide by the laws of their state to ensure that the adoption is legally recognized. If you are adopting or placing a child in Worcester, visit our page on How to Adopt in Massachusetts for detailed information about the process. Below, you can find a brief overview of consent laws for birth parents and adoption eligibility for adoptive parents. Birth Parents: Each state has several laws in place to protect birth parents’ rights throughout the adoption process. Massachusetts consent laws state that written consent must be executed at least four days after the child is born. If no one has claimed paternity, or a birth father has been adjudicated by the court, the mother may provide a statement that will notify a presumed father of the adoption. Adoptive Families: In accordance with the basic requirements for adoption in Massachusetts, any adult or husband-and-wife couple can adopt. You may also have to meet additional requirements set forth by your adoption professional. You can find more information on laws regarding interstate adoptions, finalization, birth mother expenses, and more in our Massachusetts adoption information.

County Court Information

The final stage of the legal adoption process is the finalization of the adoption, which will be completed in court after a post-placement period. When it is time to finalize your adoption, your adoption professional will let you know when you need to appear in court. Visit the pages for the Worcester County Superior Court and the Worcester District Court for more information on court proceedings in your area.

Things to Do in Worcester

Adoptive parents must remain in Massachusetts for 7-10 days after placement if they are adopting out of state. This allows time for the necessary paperwork to go through for interstate clearance. While you wait, here are some suggestions for places to visit in or near Worcester:
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