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How to Find Adoptive Parents in Utah [In 3 Steps]

Getting Connected with Families Looking to Adopt in Utah

How can you find a family in Utah that will be a perfect fit as an adoptive family?

As an expectant mother, the process is easier than you might think—there are couples waiting to adopt who can give loving home to your baby. The first steps in finding a family looking to adopt a baby in Utah are to imagine the life you want for your baby, get connected to potential adoptive families, and get to know the families.

Step 1: Imagine the Life You Want for Your Baby

What you want in an adoptive family is completely up to you. When you imagine the perfect adoptive family, here are some factors you may consider:


Potential adoptive families can come from anywhere in the United States. Where do you want your child to grow up? It may be important to you that your child grows up in the same region, or it may be important whether they are in the city vs. in a rural area, or what kind of home your child is raised in.

Siblings and Pets

Some potential parents looking to adopt a newborn in Utah may already have children or pets listed in their profiles. You may prefer that your child be a family’s only child. Or you might love the idea of your child having siblings, or a childhood pet.

Activity Level

Some prospective adoptive families are more active, while others prefer more low-key activities at home.

Parenting Style

Some prospective adoptive parents are more disciplined, while others value more self-exploration and self-expression.


Diet can vary quite a bit from family to family, and children may have serious allergies or be picky eaters. Some people looking to adopt a baby in Utah have long family traditions of cooking, some are focused on health food, some are familiar with food allergies or picky eaters, and some value exploring new foods.

Age/Relationship History

You can adopt at almost any age. Some couples looking to adopt in Utah already have older children, while others may be young or recently married.


Prospective adoptive families may have a variety of religious beliefs and values. Is faith important to you? If it is, you can pick an adoptive family that has the same holiday traditions or values the same things that you do.


The United States is a melting pot, with neighbors of different backgrounds and ethnicities living next door to each other. You might prefer that your child is raised in a home with a similar background to you. When you work with a larger adoption agency, you’ll have more diverse families to choose from.


There are many options for schooling, from kindergarten to college and beyond. Some prospective adoptive families may plan to homeschool or send children to private school. If education is very important to you, then you may want to find an adoptive family in Utah who will want to send your child to college or help them get the best education possible. They also may have differing opinions on homework and school activities.

Contact After Placement
Some adoptions are open, meaning that the birth parents and the adoptive family continue to stay in touch after the placement of the adoptive child, while other adoptions are semi-open or closed. It is best for expectant mothers considering adoption to choose a couple that has the same ideas about what post-placement contact will look like.

Step 2: Get Connected with Couples Looking to Adopt in Utah

If you have some ideas in your head of what you are looking for, now you might be thinking “I’m looking for adoptive families for my baby in Utah, but where can I find a couple that fits everything I imagine?”

This is one of the places where an adoption agency can help.

Find Families Looking to Adopt a Baby in Utah through an Adoption Agency

Adoption agencies can connect prospective birth parents to prospective adoptive parents, and help everyone through the process.

Some couples looking to adopt a baby in Utah are already listed through adoption agencies. Many couples who decide to pursue adoption go to adoption agencies when they are ready, and adoption agencies screen couples for their readiness to become parents through a home study.

You can view profiles for prospective adoptive parents now, or you can look for an adoption agency first. To find the best agency, you will want to look for:

  • Larger adoption agencies, which tend to have more potential adoptive families who are ready and waiting for an expectant mother and child to come into their lives. Some potential families will be couples looking to adopt in Utah, but you can also choose to look outside of your home state to find more options for adoptive parents.
  • Adoption agencies with experienced staff and a history of successful placements. Adoption agencies act as a mediator between you and potential adoptive families. Experience means the mediation is more likely to go smoothly, and your adoption professional will be attuned to what the most important factors are for successful placements.

Here are a couple of agencies you can consider if you are ready to get started:

Step 3: Choose the Perfect Adoptive Family and Get to Know Them

Once you are connected with families looking to adopt a baby in Utah, you may very well be drawn to some people more than others. This is when you can get to know potential adoptive families. This is often done through phone or video call, or an in-person visit.

During this time, you’ll want to make sure that you feel the potential adoptive family is a good fit. It is likely you have already figured out some things about the family through the search with your adoption professional, but this is a time for you to ask questions and become familiar with the family one-on-one.

During this time you can ask yourself a variety of questions to help you decide if the family is a good fit:

  • Do they seem genuine, and like the people I expected from their profile?
  • Do they seem excited to meet me and excited by the prospect of adoption?
  • Do they fit the best life I imagine for my baby?
  • Are there any more questions on my mind I would like to ask them?
  • Do they feel like a good fit?

If you are ready to get started, you can view families looking to adopt a baby in Utah, fill out our online contact form to reach an adoption professional, or get in contact directly with one of the following adoption agencies: