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How to Deal with an Unplanned Pregnancy in Utah [3 Steps]

Your Options for Unexpected or Unwanted Pregnancy in Utah

An unexpected pregnancy in Utah can be stressful, but you don’t need to handle it alone. To get help now you can fill out our online form. You can also call one of these hotlines now for helpful, free information about your unplanned pregnancy options:

In this guide we will share the three steps of how to deal with unplanned pregnancy in Utah:

  1. Get Care and Support for Yourself
  2. Learn More About Your Pregnancy Options
  3. Choose the Pregnancy Option that Fits Your Needs

Step 1: Get Care and Support for Yourself

Big news of any kind, especially news of an accidental pregnancy in Utah, can be emotional. You probably have a lot of questions and concerns.

Before you focus on finding answers, remember to take time to take care of yourself and find a support team. No matter what choice you make for your pregnancy, your health is important when you are under stress. Below are some things you can do to support yourself before you make any decisions.

Things you can do to take care of your health:

  • Do breathing exercises or meditate
  • Drink water and eat a healthy diet
  • Visit the doctor and follow any recommendations
  • Stop drug and alcohol use
  • Get light exercise like walking or stretching
  • Spend time in nature
  • Journal

You can also build a support team to help you through the decision making process.

Your support team can include anyone you want it to. It is best to surround yourself with people who are non-judgmental and who will support you no matter what.

Options to find your support team:

Step 2: Learn More About Your Options for Unplanned Pregnancy in Utah

Once you feel ready, getting started with the decision-making process is the next step. There are three options for coping with unplanned pregnancy in Utah:

Parenting in Utah

When you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in Utah, the thought of parenting might feel overwhelming, exciting, or a number of other things. It is normal to experience a range of different emotions when facing an unexpected pregnancy.

If you are considering this option, you might ask yourself some questions about whether or not you are ready.

Some questions you might ask are:

Many parents have unexpected pregnancies in Utah and decide that parenting is the right option for them, but it is not the right option for everyone. If you want to learn more about whether parenting is a good option for you, you might start by talking to some current parents.

You might also look into support that is available to parents in Utah:

 If parenting is not the option for you, you may also consider adoption and abortion.

Adoption in Utah

Another option for unplanned pregnancy in Utah is adoption. Adoption can be a brave decision that gives you, your expected child, and a potential adoptive family the opportunity for a brighter future.

Choosing adoption means that you will not have the physical, mental, emotional, and financial responsibility of raising a child. This can allow you to continue schooling or career plans, maintain your current lifestyle, or focus on other things that you may need to prioritize.

It can also give you the opportunity to be a hero to potential adoptive parents who have been waiting for a child.

Adoption does require that you go through the physical process of pregnancy and childbirth, which some people are not ready to experience. However, there is assistance available to expectant parents who choose adoption formedical expenses and other necessary support during pregnancy and childbirth.

If you are considering adoption, these links may help you answer some of the questions you may have about the process:

If you would like more information or you are ready to start the adoption process for your pregnancy, you can fill out our online form and get guidance and support from an adoption professional today.

You can also start by contacting an adoption agency. Here are a couple you can look into:

Abortion in Utah

Another option you may consider if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Utah is abortion. Abortion is a medical procedure that can end your pregnancy. It is generally safe, and it is a common response to unwanted pregnancy in Utah.

However, there is limited access to abortion in Utah, especially later in pregnancy. There are few clinics that can perform abortions, and clinics may be required to have you complete additional steps before the procedure, which may include:

  • An informed consent module that must be completed before you visit the clinic
  • An in-person meeting in which the medical professional gives you information to discourage abortion
  • A 72-hour waiting period after the first face-to-face interaction before an abortion can be performed
  • If you are a minor, getting parental consent

In addition to the hurdles and limitations to abortion in Utah, you may also experience minor side effects, and may face judgement from peers or harassment from individuals around some clinics that perform abortion.

It is best to seek out advice from a medical professional  and access information through Planned Parenthood or a trusted medical professional as soon as possible if this option is something you are seriously considering for your unplanned pregnancy in Utah.

Step 3: Choose the Pregnancy Option that Fits Your Needs

You are in control of how you deal with an unplanned pregnancy in Utah. There is no “right” choice, only the choice that is best for you and your situation. And you know better than anyone else what that is.

If you’re still thinking or unsure, you can always seek out more information and support. Here are also some hotlines you can use to get immediate help if you need it:

  • All-Options (peer counseling for unplanned pregnancy, limited hours)
  • American Adoptions (unplanned pregnancy support from adoption professionals, 24/7)