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Abilene Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Choosing adoption can be one of the most emotional, difficult but highly rewarding decisions a person can make. Finding the resources in your area to understand what adoption means and which type is best for you can be just as difficult. Fortunately, this guide is here to help.

Keep reading to become familiar with the types of adoption, adoption agencies and professionals available to you to start your adoption in Abilene. Whether you are a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or a family hoping to adopt, the following information will provide you with what you need for your Abilene adoption.

Below, we’ve listed both national and local professionals that serve the state of Texas. We’ve included the local offices of these professionals, where applicable.

Private Adoption Agencies in Abilene, TX

Whether you’re wondering how to place a child or how to adopt a child in Abilene, TX, the first step is choosing which adoption agency you’ll want to work with. Your agency will serve as your direct guide for navigating the various steps and hurdles during the adoption process. The services adoption agencies provide will ensure that your Abilene adoption journey is completed smoothly, safely and ethically.  

Whether it’s a national agency that can connect you to expectant mothers and adoptive families around the country, or a local agency offering you adoption opportunities within your community and little to no travel, your Abilene adoption agency will keep your best interests and concerns in mind.

If you’re considering private domestic infant adoption, these adoption agencies in Abilene, TX, can help:

If you feel as though your adoption should align with your personal values, there are Christian adoption agencies in Abilene available to begin a faith-based journey. Consider these options:

International Adoption Agencies in Abilene

While less common than domestic adoption, international adoption is still an option for hopeful adoptive parents. There are many differences between international and domestic adoption, so understanding the laws involved is important before getting started.

Here are some agencies you can contact for more information.

Abilene Foster Care Professionals

Foster care and foster-to-adopt in Abilene can be a great way to build your family. Fostering a child is different from adoption; the ultimate goal is to care for and nurture a child before eventually reunifying them with their biological parents. However, in some cases, these children are made available for adoption after reunification attempts fail.

Here are some professionals in your area to contact for more information on foster care.

Adoption Attorneys in Abilene

You will need an experienced adoption attorney in Abilene, TX, to help you navigate the various legal steps ahead. 

Your adoption agency should refer you to legal resources; however, you have the option of using outside legal representation if you choose, such as:

Abilene Adoption Home Study Providers

One of the most crucial steps to completing your Abilene adoption is the home study. This will determine your readiness for bringing an adopted child into your home. It can take some preparation and will include background checks, financial records, health records and a visit to your home. 

Your adoption agency may provide a licensed home study professional to help guide you through this process. If for some reason you don’t have access to a home study professional through your chosen agency, you will need to find one independently in order to complete your Texas home study. Here are a few options in your area:

Hospitals In Abilene

If you’re considering Abilene adoption for your baby you will also need to choose a hospital and develop a birth plan with your agency’s help. Where you want to deliver, who will be allowed with you at the hospital, whether you want pictures with the adoptive family, if you want to nurse your baby — these are all things to consider in your hospital birth plan 

Before making the final decision as to where you will give birth, think about important factors such as comfort, care and convenience.

Knowing what hospitals are available to you in your area is key in securing your birth plan for your Abilene adoption. Fortunately, you’ve got a few to choose from:

Abilene Adoption Courts

After you’ve received placement of a new child and the final stages of your Abilene adoption are in motion, you’ll have the finalization hearing with a judge. This is a momentous event worth celebrating; make sure you have loved ones with you to capture it!

For more information on your finalization hearing, contact your adoption attorney or the Taylor County Court System

Places To Visit During Your Abilene Adoption

Whether you are waiting for legal processes to finish or you’re sharing pre- and post-placement contact, the Abilene area has plenty of sights to occupy your free time. Check out some of these local attractions.

Are you ready to speak to an adoption professional now? You can fill out this form for placing a baby for adoption or, for hopeful adoptive couples, this form for adopting a new member into your growing family. Once you’ve submitted your information, we will connect you with a local adoption specialist.

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