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San Antonio Adoption & Foster Care Resources

If you’re considering a child adoption in San Antonio, Texas, you may not be sure of where to start — and that’s completely okay!

Fortunately, there are plenty of local adoption professionals available to assist you through the adoption process and answer any questions you might have about adoption in San Antonio, TX. Check them out in this guide to find the one that is right for you.

Want to speak with a local professional now? Fill out our contact forms — one for adopting a baby, one for placing a baby for adoption — to be connected with a licensed adoption agency.

Below, we’ve listed both national and local professionals that serve the state of Texas. We’ve included the local offices of these professionals, where applicable.

Private Adoption Agencies in San Antonio

A private adoption in San Antonio brings together two parties: a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and people who desperately want to be parents. If you’re want to know how to place a baby for adoption or how to adopt a baby in San Antonio, TX, an adoption agency can answer all of your questions — and help you get started.

The best adoption agencies in San Antonio will provide full service and support during this journey. Look for services like:

We know finding the best adoption agency in San Antonio for you can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We encourage you to do your research, determine your personal needs and take your time before choosing one. If you’re an adoptive parent, we advise against choosing the cheapest adoption agency in San Antonio; when it comes to a San Antonio baby adoption, you get what you pay for.

Here are a few adoption agencies in San Antonio to consider:

Looking specifically for Christian adoption agencies in San Antonio, Texas? There are plenty of professionals who share your faith and can guide you through this process, including:

If you’re an LGBTQ individual considering a San Antonio same-sex adoption, you’ll want to work with an agency that respects and celebrates your rights, such as:

Whatever professional you end up choosing, make sure they are open and honest about how their adoption services in San Antonio best meet your needs.

Organizations for Foster Care and Foster-to-Adopt in San Antonio, Texas

In order to become a foster parent or to foster-to-adopt in San Antonio, TX, you will need to meet certain state qualifications, including:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Complete an application
  • Complete a home study, including background checks
  • Provide references
  • Attend training

If you are excited about the idea of adopting an older child, a child with special needs or a sibling group, you’ll want to contact a foster care and adoption agency in San Antonio, like:

You can also view the profiles of children awaiting adoption in San Antonio, TX, here.

International Adoption Agencies in San Antonio

Considering a San Antonio international adoption? Adopting a child from another country can be a long and difficult process, but it is possible when you put in the dedication and hard work.

To learn more about this path for child adoption in San Antonio, TX, contact one of these Hague-approved professionals:

Adoption Lawyers in San Antonio

Whatever kind of adoption you’re pursuing, you’ll need to work with an adoption attorney in San Antonio, TX, to safely, ethically and legally complete it.

Adoption can be complicated, and Texas adoption laws are enough to make anyone’s head spin. A San Antonio adoption attorney takes care of that for you — ensuring that your adoption meets state laws and regulations and that your rights and interests are protected every step of the way.

Want to learn more about legal adoption services in San Antonio? Contact any of the law firms below:

San Antonio Adoption Home Study Professionals

For parents who hope to adopt kids in San Antonio, the home study is one of the most important parts of their preapplication process. The Texas home study includes the following elements:

  • Personal interviews with the adoptive parents
  • Home evaluation
  • Criminal records checks
  • And more

Choosing the right professional for your home study adoption process in San Antonio, TX, will ensure you comply all state laws and requirements. To get started, contact one of the following licensed providers:

Hospitals & Prenatal Care in San Antonio

One of the most emotional parts of a newborn adoption in San Antonio — both for prospective birth and adoptive parents — is the time spent in the hospital when the baby is born.

If you are a pregnant woman making an adoption plan, you will work with your adoption professional and your delivery hospital to ensure everything happens exactly as you want it to. Remember: You will never be obligated to choose adoption, but your medical costs will always be covered 100 percent.

When it comes time to deliver, consider any of these local hospitals:

Adoption Courts in San Antonio, TX

Adoption is a highly legal process, which means an adoption court in San Antonio, TX, will eventually be involved in your journey.

If you’re an adoptive parent, you’ll go through the adoption finalization process. Every adoption must be finalized in family court, usually about six months after placement of a child. This finalization officially makes your new addition a part of the family.

Local courts also play a role in opening adoption records in San Antonio, Texas. While Texas operates with a closed records policy, you could reach out to your county clerk to see what options are available to open your San Antonio adoption records.

For these legal processes and more, seek out a court in your county:

Things to Explore During Your Adoption in San Antonio

If you are adopting a baby in San Antonio, TX, you may find yourself spending some time in the city, either visiting prospective birth parents or waiting for ICPC paperwork to be processed.

Here are some fun ways to spend your time during your stay:

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