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Austin Adoption & Foster Care Resources

No joke — the Austin adoption process can be confusing from the start. Whether you want to place a child for adoption or adopt a child in Austin, TX, you’ll need some professional assistance to do safely, legally and ethically.

But, with so many professionals for adoption in the Austin area, how do you find the one that is best for your needs?

We’re here to help. We know just how overwhelming Austin adoptions can be, which is why we’ve created this helpful guide. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about Austin child adoption agencies, attorneys, home study providers and more. With the right tools, you can successfully move forward with your personal adoption plans.

Below, we’ve listed both national and local professionals that serve the state of Texas. We’ve included the local offices of these professionals, where applicable.

Private Adoption Agencies in Austin, TX

If you want to adopt a child or place a child for adoption, you’ll need to pursue an infant adoption in Austin, Texas. This process brings together a pregnant woman who voluntarily places her child and the hopeful adoptive parents she chooses to raise her baby. Choosing to place or adopt a baby in Austin, TX, can be a beautiful journey, leading to a lifelong relationship between birth and adoptive parents.

That’s not to say private adoption in Austin is easy. There are a lot of complicated steps to follow, and doing so on your own can put your process in jeopardy.

This is why private adoption agencies in Austin exist. These professionals are licensed and well-versed in the nuances of infant adoption, and they will guide you through every part of the process. An Austin adoption agency also provides invaluable services like:

  • Free information about adoption in Austin, TX
  • Free adoption counseling in Austin for prospective birth parents
  • Financial assistance for pregnant women considering adoption
  • Profile creation services for hopeful adoptive parents
  • Contact mediation for pre- and post-placement contact
  • Post-placement support and counseling

It’s a no-brainer: Austin private adoption agencies can make all the difference in your Texas journey. Finding the right one, however, can be intimidating. Again, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for Christian adoption agencies in Austin?

How about LGBT adoption agencies in Austin, TX?

Still exploring all your options? Look into these other child adoption agencies in Austin, TX:

Regardless of your other preferences, know that all ethical professionals operate as open adoption agencies in Austin, TX — so be excited for the beauty that post-placement contact can bring!

Austin Foster Care Adoption Organizations

Do you want to be a foster parent or foster-to-adopt in Austin, Texas? There are some things you’ll need to know first.

Austin foster care adoption programs exist with one priority: to reunite children with their biological parents. Before you consider foster care adoption in Austin, Texas, understand that your primary job will be to care for children before they are reunited with their parents. Only if reunification fails will adoption be an option for you.

That said, many parents foster-to-adopt in Austin, TX, and you can, too. You can check out the Austin, Texas, adoption Heart Gallery listings to see children currently waiting for adoption.

Different agencies may have different training and requirements for the parents they work with. Contact any of the following licensed Texas foster care and adoption services in Austin to learn more about your eligibility and the requirements for getting started:

  • Upbring
    8305 Cross Park Drive
    Austin, TX 78754

International Adoption Agencies in Austin, Texas

Maybe you’ve considered international adoption in Austin, TX, and want to learn more about this process. While international adoptions have fallen over the last decade, there are still ways that you can bring a child from another country into your family.

You’ll need to work with a Hague-approved international adoption agency in or near Austin, Texas. Reach out to any of the following for more information:

  • Upbring
    8305 Cross Park Drive
    Austin, TX 78754

Adoption Attorneys in Austin, Texas

Adoption laws in Texas can be confusing. Fortunately, there are plenty of qualified adoption lawyers in Austin, TX, to answer your questions and guide you through your journey.

If you’re looking for an adoption attorney in Austin, TX, reach out to any of these professionals for more information about their services and cost structures:

Professionals for an Adoption Home Study in Austin

Before they can adopt a child in Austin, Texas, all adoptive parents must complete a home study. This report confirms their readiness to welcome an adopted child into their household. Typically, the process involves the gathering of paperwork, a home investigation and in-person interviews.

To learn more or get started, contact one of the following licensed Austin, Texas, adoption home study providers in your area: 

Hospitals & Prenatal Care Near Austin

If you’re considering placing a child for adoption in Austin, you’ll be in charge of every decision — including what you want your hospital stay to look like.

Your hospital plan will detail who will be in the delivery room when the baby is born, how much time you will spend with the your baby, how much time you want to spend with the adoptive parents and more. Remember: All of your medical services will be free to you, and you will never be obligated to choose adoption until you are ready.

Your adoption professional will work with you and your chosen hospital to plan for this stay. Here are some area hospitals that you might choose:

What Court Handles Adoption in Austin, TX?

Before parents are finished adopting in Austin, Texas, they’ll need to complete an adoption finalization. This hearing will often be conducted in court in front of a judge. But, where can you expect it to take place?

Find more information about courts and adoption in Austin, TX, below:

Things to Explore During Your Adoption in Austin, TX

Most everyone completing an adoption in Austin will spend some time in the area. It might be during your pre-placement open adoption visits, or you might have a lot of time on your hands while you wait for ICPC clearance. Either way, there’s plenty to take advantage of all Austin has to offer.

Here are just a few top attractions that help “keep Austin weird”:

Ready to connect with an Austin adoption agency now? Submit our contact forms — one for hopeful adoptive parents, one for prospective birth parents — to be referred to a local professional in your area.

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