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20 of the Best Foster Adoption Podcasts

Whether you’re just beginning to look into fostering as a prospective parent, or you’ve had lifelong experiences with foster care, podcasts can be a great way to listen to others’ stories, learn something new, or find common ground with people who have been in your shoes. 

Here are twenty of the best foster adoption podcasts for foster and adoptive parents, biological parents, adoptees and foster care professionals:

1. Foster Adoption Podcast

A foster family chronicles their foster adoption journey, including the ups and downs, the processes they went through, the emotions they experienced and more.

2. The Adoption and Fostering Podcast

Foster dads Scott and Al reflect on the U.K. adoption and foster care process and their experiences. Specialists and guests join them to share their own stories and discuss current topics relevant to the foster adoption journey.

3. Fostering Voices Podcast

Many of the guests on the show are former foster youth, child welfare professionals and parents of all different kinds. Their experiences shed light on the many struggles and joys of foster care and adoption.

4. Real Mom Podcast

Described as a podcast for biological, foster and adoptive moms, the adoptive mom who runs popular blog Foster the Family invites mothers of all different kinds to talk about their experiences in relation to adoption. The result is a well-rounded look at motherhood that’s supportive and honest.

5. Adoptees On

This podcast allows adoptees of all different backgrounds a place to share their stories and thoughts with one another, but everyone who has been affected by fostering or adoption can benefit from hearing the experiences of the people at the heart of the adoption experience. 

6. Foster Care: An Unparalleled Journey

A foster and adoptive family shares their experience and expertise, as well as the stories of others. The married hosts talk about advocating for reunification whenever possible and how foster and biological families can work together for the best possible future for children.

7. Born in June Raised in April: What Adoption Can Teach the World

Primarily focusing on the different experiences of adoptees, including former foster adoptees, host April Dinwoodie explores topics of race, identity, adoptee rights, culture, class and more as they relate to adoption.

8. Foster Movement Podcast

The adopting and fostering podcast, “The Foster Movement,” features former foster youth, as well as national leaders in foster care advocacy, and shares helpful insight and tools for families and professionals.

9. Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption and Infertility

This is one of the leading sources of information on all things family-related. They explore the technical and emotional sides of various processes, including topics about foster care.

10. FosterCare and Adoption Life Talk

In a more personal take on experiences, host Barry Farmer talks about adoption from foster care, podcast topics like work and personal relationships, his experiences and more.


This podcast shares stories of all different types of adoption, including foster adoption, as told by the adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents and professionals who are most affected by the experiences.

12. Sessions with an Adoption Attorney

Listening to an adoption attorney talk about the behind-the-scenes legal processes and how they affect families can be interesting as well as insightful. Find the answers to questions, hear from guest speakers with different areas of expertise and more.

13. The Adopting and Fostering Home Podcast

Through a faith-based lens, the hosts of the fostering and adopting “Home Podcast” discuss parenting children who have experienced trauma and loss, the struggles that adoptive families encounter and more.

14. Fostering with Love

Told from the perspective of a foster dad, this adoption/fostering podcast chronicles their family’s experiences throughout the foster care journey.

15. The Adoption Connection: A Podcast By and For Adoptive Moms

The two hosts represent all three parts of the adoption triad, which offers a unique perspective. They’ve had years of different types of experiences with different types of adoption and offer support and guidance to others.

16. Stories Around the Table

This foster-to-adopt podcast splits into three parts: “Entering the System,” ”Dealing with the System,” and “Surviving the System.” The shows end in roundtable discussions that compare different experiences.

17. Beyond Foster Care Podcast

Every other episode of the Beyond Foster Care podcast features a special guest. The show offers a well-rounded look at the workings of foster care, the effects of trauma, child development, statistics and more.

18. Around The World With The Archibald Project

This show’s mission is about caring for orphaned and vulnerable children. This podcast shares stories about different types of adoption and explores the emotional experiences of birth moms, adoptive parents, adoptees, professionals and more.

19. The Forgotten Podcast

A branch of The Forgotten Initiative, this is a Christian-influenced podcast that explores foster parenting, stories from foster youth and more.

20. Fostering Change

Rob Scheer, founder of Comfort Cases, and Dana McKay, media personality, co-host the “Fostering Change” podcast. The show primarily focuses on positively changing the foster care system and how communities can work to help children in foster care. Guests include former foster children, foster and adoptive parents, professionals advocating within the child welfare field and more.

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