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Foster Adoption Resources

Considering adopting a child from foster care? In search of post-foster adoption resources? Parenthood is never easy, and foster adoption adds unique challenges (as well as benefits). Understanding the adoption and foster care resources that are available to you is a critical component to the success of your adoption. 

To help, we’ve collected some of the best resources for foster and adoptive parents:

State Foster Care Adoption Agencies

If you’re just beginning the foster adoption process as a hopeful parent, your first step will be to locate the agency through which you’ll adopt. Each state/agency has its own process and set of requirements for prospective foster and adoptive parents, so contact your local foster care provider to learn more about getting started. 

Find your state’s foster care department below:

You can also view profiles of waiting children throughout the country through the Heart Gallery of America.

Foster Adoption Attorneys

At the end of your foster adoption process, you’ll work with an attorney to finalize your child’s adoption. Your caseworker may be able to refer you to an experienced adoption attorney they trust, or you can explore adoption attorneys in your state with our resource guides:

Adoptive Families and the Child Welfare Information Gateway also both have directories of adoption attorneys that you can explore.

Post-Adoption Services in Your State

Typically, the best way to find post-adoption resources in your area is to reach out to your foster adoption professional. They should be able to connect you to whatever you need. Many states will have programs to help you and your family with health services, education, counseling and more.

If you live in a state where post-adoption resources are unfortunately limited, your next step should be to reach out to the foster and adoptive parent community. Other families who have been in your shoes will often have advice for finding post-adoption support, even in states where services may be lacking. 

Explore some additional services and resources below:

Support Groups for Parents and Kids

Children, parents and families who have been through the foster adoption process may want to talk to peers who understand their journey. Connecting with others who have shared similar experiences can be educational and comforting. 

Check out our guide to finding the right foster care support group here. Or, you can start by exploring the American Adoption Congress’ directory of general adoption support groups.

Financial Assistance

Foster care adoptions in most states are of little to no cost to the adoptive family. However, the post-adoption cost of raising a child is always considerable, and that lifelong cost will increase if you adopt a child with additional needs. For any parent, every little bit of financial help makes a difference, so take advantage of foster care financial resources whenever available. Be sure to ask your foster care professional about any programs and grants they may offer for adoptive families.

Below, you can find some more information on different types of adoption assistance:

  • Find adoption subsidies by state here.
  • Find out if you’re eligible for any adoption loans, grants, or the Adoption Tax Credit here.
  • Learn more about filing for the Adoption Tax Credit here.

Medical and Mental Health Resources

Children who are adopted through foster care may have additional medical, emotional or mental health needs, and they may need the help of a specialized professional as a result of those needs.

The Center for Parent Information & Resources has a lot of helpful information about raising children with various disabilities, including a directory of Parent Centers across the country that can help foster and adoptive parents provide specialized education to their children. 

The Child Welfare Information Gateway has a list of each state’s available mental health and counseling services for children adopted through foster care.

The Child Welfare Information Gateway also has a directory of each state’s available services that may fall outside of your state’s provided medical plan, such as orthodontia, surgeries, corrective devices, speech therapy, physical therapy and more.

Academic Assistance

There are tutoring services and scholarships available to foster care adoptees. Here are some helpful academic resources to explore:

Foundation for Foster Children helps families connect with professional tutoring services if their child is falling behind in school after their time in foster care.

The Child Welfare Information Gateway has compiled a great list of resources for students about to head off to college. 

Check out our list of scholarships for students who were adopted through foster care here.

Educational Resources

Wherever you’re at in the foster adoption process, you’ll understandably want to learn everything you can so that you can be the best possible parent to your child. We’ve created some lists of valuable educational resources that may help you in that mission! Explore some of the different ways to learn about foster care, adoption and parenting:

General Information, Resources and Support

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites to help foster and adoptive parents gain the information and support they need to have a strong, healthy, happy family. These websites feature FAQ about foster adoption, parenting resources, guides to help you begin the adoption process and much more.

Here are a few of our favorite sites to explore:

Find respite care in your state here.