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Foster Care Adoption News

The laws, statistics, processes and best practices of foster care are constantly changing in each state and throughout the U.S. Staying informed about foster care adoption news can be tough with so much going on in the world and in our daily lives, but it’s important. 

What’s happening in today’s foster care and adoption news may not always affect your family, but it will affect someone else’s. Here are some of our favorite resources for articles on adoption and fostering:

10 Places to Find the Latest Articles on Foster Care and Adoption

Hit the “subscribe” button on these ten publications:

1. Us! Our blog at Considering Adoption covers adoption and foster care articles, news developments, guides, stories and more. Stay up to date with our blog.

2. The New York Times: Contributors often chronicle their own experiences with foster care and adoption, and this major publication releases some of the most comprehensive reports on the latest nationwide foster care statistics.

3. The Huffington Post: Like many other national publications, The Huffington Post does feature pieces on foster and adoptive families, tries to raise awareness about issues that affect foster children and their families and more.

4. AP News: This is a particularly useful way to keep tabs on the latest news regarding foster care and adoption legislation throughout the U.S.

5. NPR: Stories of foster families, national issues affecting foster children and families, and in-depth explorations on a range of related topics — NPR features foster care and adoption fairly often.

6. Adoptive Families: This magazine has free foster care and adoption articles, but also has a paid subscription option to access additional content.

7. Adoption.com: They have a news section that regularly features foster care adoption articles and issues affecting foster children around the world. 

8. U.S. News & World Report: This publication reports on news regarding all types of adoption, including foster care. Sometimes they’ll publish contributor guides as well as news about current bills. 

9. The Guardian: A U.K. publication, but they often feature stories that show varying views on foster care and adoption, which many may find interesting.

10. National Foster Youth Institute: Offering an inside view of the triumphs and failings of foster care in America, they feature stories, the latest developments and offer ways to get involved in what’s going on right now.

Foster care adoption is not a process that simply ends. It’s something that everyone should stay informed about and involved in and keep talking about! Keeping up with the latest foster care news is a great way to start.