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Will My Child Truly Be Loved By His or Her Adoptive Parents?

If you are pregnant and considering adoption, it can be hard to believe that adoptive parents can love your child the way you do. You might worry that adoptive parents won’t love your child the same way biological parents love their children. While it may be difficult to imagine, the truth is that adoptive parents have committed wholeheartedly to adoption. They have waited for years and planned for months to build their family through this process. All they want is to love and care for a child.

Kelli, an adoption professional, knows just how much it means for a family to adopt a child.

“Those families who are going through their adoption journey want nothing more than to bring another child into their home, into their hearts. They have a special spot in their hearts to be able to fill and it can only be filled with a child.”

Any family you choose will likely express the same sentiments. Becoming parents is something that they’ve dreamed of for so long. So to finally have the opportunity to make their dream come true is the greatest gift you could ever give them. And it’s one that they couldn’t possibly take for granted.

Below, we’ll talk about the path adoptive parents take to begin their adoption journey. We’ll also share stories showing just how much love they were surrounded by from their adoptive parents growing up. But if you’d like to take more about the love your child’s adoptive parents will show them, we’d be happy to provide more information through our online contact form.

In the meantime, here’s why any family you choose is 100 percent ready to give your child all the love they deserve.

What Leads Hopeful Families to Adopt?

For many, the road to adoption is an emotional one, filled with roadblocks of infertility, grief and loss. For these hopeful parents, adoption is the light at the end of a long tunnel. It restores hope lost during those years of fertility treatments and makes all of the waiting worth it.

When prospective parents have waited so long and tried so hard to grow their family, they are going to treasure the child that finally makes their family complete. They will be endlessly grateful for the birth parents who help them realize their dream of parenthood, and they will love their adopted child immensely. After all, they have had years to wait, plan and prepare their hearts and home for an adopted child.

At the end of the day, every hopeful adoptive couple knows that it’s not blood that ties a family together — but pure love. No matter how a child is brought into their home, any adoptive parent you choose has the desire to be the best parent imaginable.

How Will the Adoptive Parents Show My Child They’re Loved?

Any adoptive parent who has been blessed through adoption knows  that their child is  truly a gift.  No matter what, they are dedicated to making the most of every moment spent together. Adoptive parents are more likely to read, sing and tell stories to their children every day, according to “Adoption USA,” a 2007 report by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. They ensure that their children are able to take part in extracurricular activities and support them in school. And more than half of adopted children reported to have excellent or very good performance in reading, language arts and math. Diana, an adoptee, explained that her adoptive parents fulfilled every promise made to her birth parents:

“…I was reading through that letter [to prospective birth parents] and it, you know, it promised the kind of life that these kids would have and all the things that we would do. They’d take their kids to national parks, we’d go to sporting events, we’d travel the world, we’d participate in the arts, we’d take piano lessons, and all sorts of stuff, they’d read books every day. And we did every single thing that they promised in that letter.”

Like any parent, adoptive parents won’t be perfect. But even when it is difficult, the love they feel for their child will be unconditional, and it will grow every day. Love is not determined by DNA. It is a bond that is built over time, through caring and nurturing and shared experiences.

How Can I Make Sure the Family I Choose Will Love My Baby?

As the woman considering adoption, you are in charge of finding the perfect adoptive family for your baby. But, your adoption agency can help. The best adoption agencies have personal experience with adoption, so they’ve seen what it takes to be a great adoptive family. And because many agencies are made up of birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents, they can help you find the perfect family who will give your child all the love in the world. So when you work with the right professionals, you’re guaranteed to find a family who will love your child as much as you would.

When you start to get to know the adoptive family you’ve chosen, you can ask them any question you have. As you learn more about them and watch their adoptive family video, you’ll get to see first-hand just how much love they’re ready to give. You will find the one that will provide all of the opportunities, stability, and most importantly, love, that you know your child deserves. Shannon, a birth parent specialist, agrees wholeheartedly,

“They will love your child and provide them with such a great home just because their desire to have children is so strong and a lot of them have just gone through a really tough and difficult journey to get to this point in their lives.”

If you’d like to learn more about the kind of life the adoptive parents can provide for your child, we’d be happy to connect you to an adoption professional. Please fill out our online form to get more information.