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Choosing Adoption with a Supportive Birth Father

How the Birth Father Can be a Strong Support System 

Whether you are giving a baby up for adoption while married, in a long-term relationship or have support from an uninvolved birth father, finding your baby a loving home with consent and cooperation from his or her birth father has a profoundly positive impact on the adoption process. 

Can a woman give her baby up for adoption if the birth father is still involved?  

The answer is yes! Adoption is a decision that many married couples or birth parents in a long-term relationship conclude is the best option for their child. 

Even if the birth father isn’t an active participant in your life, his support in choosing adoption helps create a better future for everyone involved and helps alleviate at least some of the emotions of the adoption process

This article will provide information on adoption, the role of the birth father and how a cooperative effort helps lead to finding the perfect adoptive family for your child. 

To get more information on choosing adoption with a supportive birth father, regardless of your current relationship status, complete our online form here. You can connect with an adoption specialist who can give you more information on the adoption process. 

Married Couple Giving a Baby Up for Adoption 

If you’re married and want to give a baby up for adoption, maybe it’s because you’ve decided your circumstances don’t allow for parenting or the two of you just aren’t ready to be parents.    

Giving a baby up for adoption while married can be a difficult decision, but taking the time to assess your current situation and whether you’re able to provide for your child is ultimately the most important decision you can make. 

Giving a child up for adoption when married doesn’t mean you are “giving up” on them. You are making a loving and heroic decision to find an adoptive family and home that is better suited for your child living his or her best life. Having the birth father’s support throughout the adoption process can help you as you work through your emotions and can simplify the legal proceedings of the adoption. 

Supportive and Involved Birth Father’s [You Can Help Find the Perfect Adoptive Family] 

There is little doubt that during the adoption process, having the support and involvement of the birth father strengthens emotional stability and gives you a partner to lean on. 

In many cases, a birth father may be completely unaware that by being active and involved in the adoption, he can have a say in what type of family you ultimately choose for your baby, including specific personality traits the two of you feel are important. 

With any difficult decision, having a teammate, regardless of your relationship status, can be helpful. For married couples giving a baby up for adoption, you’re reaching this decision together, understanding that parenting isn’t possible at this time. 

If you and the birth father are in a relationship, not married and aren’t sure whether marriage is in your future, unplanned pregnancy and the prospect of parenting can be too much responsibility.  

Whether you’re giving a baby up for adoption as a married couple or you’re in a relationship but not ready for a child, adoption is always an option. You can begin this journey together and find your baby the perfect adoptive family by completing our online form

You also begin viewing available family video profiles today. Once connected with an adoption specialist, you’ll get information on how to create an adoption plan with a trusted and experienced adoption agency. 

Adoption and a Supportive but Uninvolved Birth Father [His Support Still Matters] 

Can I give my baby up for adoption if the birth father isn’t present? 


It’s common in adoption that a prospective birth mother and father aren’t involved in a serious relationship.  

When you work with a trusted and experienced adoption agency, you are in control of the adoption process.

The birth father can be as involved or uninvolved as he wants, but ultimately, having his support means you can make the important decision for your baby and the adoption with peace of mind knowing you won’t receive interference from the birth father. 

You can get more information from a licensed adoption specialist by filling out this form. The specialist you get connected with can also discuss giving a baby up for adoption without the father. 

Information about birth father rights in adoption, as well as adoption laws in your state, will also be available to you. Because the father in your situation is supportive of the decision to choose adoption, the legal steps of the adoption process will be much clearer. 

How the Right Adoption Agency Can Benefit You 

Many different types of adoption providers exist, however, it’s important to work with a licensed and regulated adoption agency to ensure your adoption process is safe and protected as well as conducted ethically, following the adoption laws in your state. 

When it comes to finding a family for your baby, a national adoption agency with a proven record for matching prospective birth mothers and adoptive families can provide you with a wider range of available couples ready to adopt your child. 

You can also get 24/7 support and adoption services under one roof, including being connected with an adoption attorney to help navigate the legal process, birth father rights in adoption and finalizing your adoption. 

Are You Ready to Start Your Adoption Journey? 

Contact us today to get information and guidance on how you can give up your baby for adoption while married or how giving a baby up for adoption when the birth father isn’t around but supportive is still an option for you.   You can also start viewing adoptive family video profiles to get a jump on finding the perfect future parents for your child. Remember, you are in control of your adoption. That means you get to pick a family that you feel is best for your baby.