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Can I Choose Adoption if I’m Pregnant and Homeless?

What do I do if I’m pregnant and about to be homeless?

If you are asking this question, then you are in a situation that requires immediate assistance. Whether you consider homelessness to be crashing on a friend’s couch or living on the street, your housing instability can seem more overwhelming when you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy as well.

It is important for you to know that you have three options, even if you become homeless while pregnant.

  • Raise your child – but, where would he or she live? You may not have the resources to provide for yourself in the way you want to, let alone a baby who is fully dependent on you. If you are homeless, pregnant and struggling to care for older children, then you likely have a realistic picture of this difficult situation for you and your children.
  • Terminate your pregnancy through abortion. There are abortion grants and funds for those who qualify, but it is unlikely that the funds will cover the entire cost of the abortion. This means you would be required to pay the remaining balance on your own. Can you afford to spend any amount of money on abortion if you’re homeless and pregnant? Even if you can pay toward an abortion, you would still need a safe place to recover following an abortion procedure.
  • Place your child for adoption. Adoption is always free for prospective birth mothers, and you may even receive financial assistance for housing and living expenses when you work with a licensed adoption agency. Adoption can be the best option for you when you’re pregnant and homeless.

There are professionals who can help you get the services and support you need when you are a pregnant, homeless woman, and even for a homeless, pregnant couple. You can contact an adoption professional online at any time, or call an adoption hotline that’s available 24/7 to get you the support and information that you need.

I’m Pregnant and About to be Homeless, What Should I Do?

Facing homelessness can leave you afraid for your future, and unplanned pregnancy can seem to stop your life in its tracks. If you’re about to be homeless and pregnant, you should first reach out to a women’s shelter or crisis center. These organizations can be a great resource for connecting you with shelter and crisis branches in your city or county.

Whether you need help stabilizing your current living situation or you need temporary housing while pregnant, your local crisis center may be able to help you. This assistance can give you the time and basic necessities you need while you consider your unplanned pregnancy options.

Contacting a licensed adoption professional is another way to learn more about each of your unplanned pregnancy options, especially adoption. When you make an adoption plan and you’re about to be a pregnant, homeless woman, they’ll help you to find whatever resources you need, including safe housing, help with financeshealth carelegal representation and more.

Whether your current homelessness is because of your pregnancy, or just an unfortunately timed coincidence, what matters is that you and your baby stay safe and healthy. If you think that placing your baby for adoption while homeless is the best decision for the both of you right now, an adoption professional can help you to create an adoption plan that you feel comfortable with.

If you’re hoping to parent, or you’re considering abortion, you can contact a local homeless or women’s shelter. Facing homelessness is stressful enough, and the addition of an unplanned pregnancy can seem unbearable. But, there are people who are willing and able to help you move from being a pregnant, homeless woman toward a brighter future.

I’m Homeless, Pregnant and Raising Other Children. Can I Choose Adoption?

You always have the right to choose adoption if you feel that’s what’s best, no matter the circumstances of your current situation. Many women who choose adoption for their unborn babies are already raising other childrenyou are not alone.

It may be difficult for your children to understand their situation, and it may be hard for you to regain control of your life as a pregnant, homeless woman raising children if you don’t have support from family, friends or the father of your children. You want the best possible future for your children and your unborn baby. Adoption could be the best option for you.

Through adoption, not only will you be giving your baby a safe home, but you will also be providing hope for you and your children’s futures. Here are just a few things you can get when you choose adoption as a pregnant, homeless woman with children:

If I Place My Baby for Adoption, Will I Become Homeless Again?

If you choose to place your baby for adoption while pregnant and homeless, you can work with a full-service adoption agency. Your agency can connect you with social workers, case managers and attorneys who want to help you in any way that they can. Your adoption professional will work with you throughout your pregnancy and beyond to help you secure housing that you can continue to afford after adoption.

Other important resources can be available to you when you choose to work with an adoption agency while pregnant and homeless. These resources can include emotional and mental health counseling, finding assistance for employment, help with transportation, food, clothing and more.

Choosing adoption can be more than the gift of a child for a hopeful family. As a pregnant, homeless woman, adoption can be the turning point that you need to have the best life and opportunities possible for you and your baby.

Can a Homeless, Pregnant Couple Choose Adoption Together?

If you become pregnant while in a relationship where, even as a couple, you are unable to provide for your child, you must remember that all children deserve the best possible future. It is OK to choose, as a couple, to place your baby with a different family if you believe that is what’s best for you, your partner and your baby.

It is good to have support when you are homeless and pregnant, and even more so when you choose adoption for your baby. When you’re a pregnant, homeless woman in a relationship, your partner’s support and presence can make all the difference.

Together, you and your partner can contact an adoption professional when you’re ready to learn more about adoption or begin the process of adoption as a homeless couple.

Services for Homeless, Pregnant Women

Whether you have made a decision about your unplanned pregnancy or not, as a pregnant, homeless woman you should seek assistance to address your immediate needs. No man, woman or child should be homeless, that’s why there are programs to help you get what you need to survive and thrive as a pregnant, homeless woman.

You can review the following list of programs and choose which programs are right for you and your circumstances:

If you are homeless, pregnant and considering adoption for your baby, you can contact a professional at any time for free adoption and housing information.