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Placing a Baby for Adoption in Your 20s, 30s, or 40s

Am I Too Young or Too Old to Consider Adoption for My Baby?

Many women find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, and wonder:

  • “Are there age requirements for giving your baby up for adoption?”
  • “I’m I too young to place my baby for adoption?”
  • “Am I too old to place my baby for adoption?”
  • Would any adoptive parents even want to adopt a baby from a birth parent of my age?”
  • “I don’t feel capable of raising this baby at this point in my life. Is that ok?

You are never too young, nor too old, to place your baby for adoption if that’s what you feel is best in your situation. You can choose adoption at any age.

Everyone who chooses to place a child for adoption does so for their own, personal and unique reasons. However, your age may be a consideration for you. So, let’s talk about what placing your baby for adoption might look like for you, at your age:

Giving a Baby Up for Adoption in Your Teens

The stereotype of a teenage birth mother has been all but debunked. Many teenagers who become pregnant try to parent their child, because they don’t yet understand how difficult parenthood is, especially at a young age.

However, that’s not to say that a teenager can’t place her baby for adoption. You’re never too young to place your baby for adoption if you feel that will secure the best possible future for you and your child.

As a teenager, you’re likely still:

  • In school
  • Physically, emotionally, financially and legally dependent upon your parents
  • Making choices about your future
  • Planning for educational and career goals
  • Trying to enjoy this unique and special time in your life

For all these reasons and more, you may decide to place your baby for adoption as a teenager. To learn more about what this may look like for you, read our guide on choosing adoption as a pregnant teenager here.

Giving a Baby Up for Adoption in Your 20s

Your 20s are a shifting time. You’re an adult, and you’re growing in understanding of yourself and what you want. If you become unexpectedly pregnant in your 20s, this can pose a huge fork in the road.

Many women in their 20s have started to achieve some stability in their lives — emotional, financial, career and housing stability. Most are also still trying to lay the groundwork for their lives. At this point, you may be:

  • In college
  • Starting at your first major job
  • Focused on increasing your stability as an adult on her own
  • Renting your home
  • Not planning on staying in one place for too long
  • Wanting to travel, try new things and meet new people
  • Raising young children

An unexpected pregnancy in your 20s is tough. But it’s not “selfish” to want to be able to enjoy your 20s without the responsibilities of parenthood. Many women in their 20s choose adoption for their child, because they know it’s the best way to ensure their child is loved and cared for by a family who is ready and waiting. At the same time, you’ll be able to continue pursuing the goals you have for yourself, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is loved beyond measure with excited parents.

To learn more about placing a baby for adoption in your 20s, reach out to an adoption professional for free information without any obligation to choose adoption.

Giving a Baby Up for Adoption in Your 30s

Women in their 30s are at a new crossroads in their lives. At this point in your life, you may be:

  • In a secure and stable housing situation
  • In a growing career
  • Financially independent
  • In a loving relationship
  • Raising older children

It’s perfectly understandable if now is not the right time for you to care for a new baby. Maybe you need to focus on your career or your other children. Maybe you feel like your family is complete, or you just don’t see yourself becoming a parent — right now or in the future. Or, maybe you’ve suffered some setbacks. Maybe you’re considering adoption for your baby because you know it’s the best way to ensure your child has access to opportunities you’re not able to provide right now.

Whatever your reasons for considering adoption, women in their 30s who are considering adoption often think to themselves, “Now that I’m in my 30s, shouldn’t I want and be ready to raise this baby? Is it wrong that I think he or she will be better off with a family who is excited and prepared? Women are supposed to be mothers in their 30s, right?”

When it comes to deciding whether or not to raise a child at a certain point in life, including in your 30s,  putting “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” on yourself is unfair. In your 30s, it’s hard not to compare yourself to other women around you. But you deserve to give yourself and your child the ability to have the best possible future — even if it’s not together.

Need to learn more about placing a baby for adoption in your 30s? Contact an adoption professional now to get answers to any questions you may have, and to start viewing waiting adoptive families.

Giving a Baby Up for Adoption in Your 40s

Becoming pregnant in your 40s can be scary for a number of reasons:

  • Women who become pregnant over the age of 40 have been warned of increased medical risk for themselves and the baby.
  • The children you may have been raising are now grown up, and you’re not sure if you’re able to (or want to) go through it for another 18+ years.
  • Women who are over the age of 40 worry that they’re “too old” to consider adoption or to be a birth mother.
  • Many people who are 40 or older feel that they must “take responsibility” by raising this baby, but placing a baby for adoption is often the most responsible choice in response to a tough situation.
  • You’re still young, but you may be starting to imagine retirement and plans for when you and your family are older.
  • You may be taking care of your own aging parents.
  • You may even be a grandparent already, or your children may be considering having children of their own.

If you find yourself facing an unplanned pregnancy in your 40s, you’re not alone! Many women and couples are surprised by a pregnancy later in life — and it’s not a baby that they are ready or willing to raise into adulthood.

Unplanned pregnancy can happen to anyone, at any age. What matters most is that you make the choice that you feel is best for you, your family and this baby.

If you think that choice may be placing your baby with a waiting, loving and ready family, contact an adoption professional now. They’ll be able to show you profiles of hopeful families who have been dreaming of welcoming your child into their lives.

You Can Choose Adoption at Any Age — There Are Always Waiting Adoptive Families

Again, some expectant couples worry that an adoptive family would be hesitant to adopt a baby from them for some reason. Are you too young or too old? Never.

There are thousands of waiting adoptive families who are hoping to meet you and to welcome a child. In all those prospective adoptive parents, there is a family out there who is the perfect match for you. No matter what you’re looking for in a future family for your baby, an experienced, licensed adoption professional can help you find that family.

You’ll then have the opportunity to get to know the family of your choosing, and to continue your relationship with them (and your child) throughout the years to come when you choose to have an open adoption. Adoptive parents are of every age, race, type and background. “The ones” are out there!

Reach out to an adoption professional now to learn about placing a baby for adoption at your age. Or, you can start browsing through profiles of waiting adoptive parents to find the family who is excited to adopt from a birth parent of your age.