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Are there Adoption Agencies that Accept Infants After Birth?

It is never too late to create a better future for yourself and your child. Choosing adoption can be the best thing you ever do — and no matter when you make this decision, there are adoption agencies that can help.

Right now, you’re probably wondering:

Are there adoption agencies that accept infants after birth?

The answer is an absolute yes. If your baby has already been born, or if you’ve returned home with them and have been parenting for days, weeks or even months, you may be thinking that you’ve already run out of time. But unlike some of your other unplanned options, adoption is always a possibility. 

If you just gave birth and want to know who to contact about adoption, or if you are looking for adoption agencies that accept infants after birth, contact us today. We can help you explore your options and get started as soon as you’re ready. If you’re thinking about choosing adoption for your baby after birth, an adoption specialist can walk you through everything you need to know. And if you haven’t made an adoption plan yet, even if you’re late into your pregnancy, you still have time to get started and find the perfect family for your baby.

You can get more free information about the adoption process at any time by filling out our free information form. After, you’ll be contacted by an adoption specialist who can explain the process to you in more detail. But in the meantime, here’s what you need to know about adoption agencies for putting a baby up after birth.

When Can I Choose Adoption?

You can choose adoption at any point during your pregnancy and even after you give birth. It is common for women to consider adoption late into their pregnancy or after birth in a variety of different scenarios:

  • Same-day adoption: If you’re reading this article, you might be steadily approaching the end of your pregnancy or even in labor already. If you’ve realized that adoption is the best option for you and your baby, a specialist from an adoption agency will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. They can help you complete the process as quickly as you need. Large, national adoption agencies even have the resources to complete same-day adoptions. If your baby has already been born and you want to place them with a family right away, these professionals can put you in touch with the perfect adoptive family, often within a matter of hours.
  • Hospital adoption: You’ve just arrived at the hospital. But now that you’re here, you keep having thoughts about adoption. Fortunately, you can still start the adoption process from your hospital room. And because adoptive parents are ready to fly out at a moment’s notice, you won’t have to wait long to complete your adoption. Just contact a national adoption agency, and they’ll help you get started.
  • Adoption after taking your baby home: It’s been a few days, weeks or months since you’ve had your baby. But even so, you keep coming back to thoughts of adoption. In this situation, know that adoption is still very much an option for you. A professional will walk you through the process of placing an older child up for adoption.  And they will do everything they can to make it as stress-free as possible. Many older child adoption agencies will work with older infants and toddlers up to 3 or 4 years old.

When is it too Late to Choose Adoption?

It is never too late to choose adoption for your baby.

Adoption is a brave, selfless decision. But it certainly isn’t an easy or quick decision. You can, and should, take as much time as you need to come to your adoption decision.

When Lindsey, a birth mother, started to learn more about adoption, she was already a parent. But after finding herself unexpectedly pregnant for the second, she realized she needed to do what was best for her children:

“I said to myself, ‘You know what? Adoption is going to be the best thing for Trinity, because she needs my full attention — and it’s going to be the best thing for Charlotte, too.’”

So no matter what kind of situation you’re in, you still have as much right as any other woman to:

  • Create an adoption plan: An adoption plan is like a roadmap for your adoption journey. You are in charge of deciding every aspect from beginning to end.
  • Find the perfect family: You might be wondering, “Will I still be able to find a family for my baby at the last minute?” You absolutely will. There are plenty of families who are ready to fly out to you at a moment’s notice. And there are even those that are more than ready for an older child placement. No matter what kind of situation you’re in, your specialist will help you find the family that’s perfect for you. All you need to do to find them is contact one of the adoption agencies that accept infants after birth.
  • Decide on the right amount of post-placement contact: You can decide on the perfect amount of contact you’re open to after placement. You can decide if you’re open to pictures and letters, emails, phone calls, and even in-person visits.
  • Receive 24/7 counseling and support: Putting a baby up for adoption at the last minute is stressful.That’s why adoption specialists are always here to support you. You can call them any time to get the help you need.

Casey, a single mother, knew that she wanted get her twins the life they deserved. So after looking through all of her options, she decided to reach out and learn more about adoption:

“I just came to the point where I didn’t want their life to consist of their mom working really hard at two jobs just to get by, and then I’m barely home,” she says. “Some people are a product of their environment… I didn’t want the streets to raise them because I’m so busy trying to provide for them, and I wanted them to have a father figure.”

For Casey, choosing adoption became one of the best decisions she ever made for herself and her children. And it could be the best one for you, too.  

Can I Put an Older Child or a Toddler Up for Adoption?

Some women consider adoption after they’ve already been raising their child for a few years. At this point, it’s normal to assume that adoption is no longer an adoption. But, depending on your child’s age, it might still be a possibility. 

For children older than four, however, you might have difficulty finding an adoption agency that accepts infants after birth. Most private adoption agencies aren’t equipped to handle placements for children much older than a toddler. Instead, you might have to look into other options. A few that you can consider are:

  • Social services: The state has several resources that can help with healthcare, jobs, finding affordable housing and more. If you’re considering adoption because you can no longer afford to parent, this might a good place to start.
  • Temporary Guardianship: Instead of placing your child up for adoption permanently, you can go through the process of having a family member or someone you trust to be your child’s temporary guardian. In the meantime, you can use this opportunity to get back on your feet.
  • Help from a family member or friend: Help from someone who cares about you can go a long way. If you need to take a few days for yourself, don’t be afraid to ask a friend or family member to step in and help.You might discover that all you needed was some space and won’t feel the need to contact older child adoption agencies.

Which Older Child Adoption Agency Should I Work With?

There are several types of older child adoption agencies you can consider. But as a prospective birth mother, one of best professionals you can contact is a national adoption agency.

With this type of professional, you can find all of the support and resources you need in one place. They offer 24/7 counseling and support and a larger pool of families to choose from that live across the country. This means that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect family for your baby when you work with them.

It’s also a good idea to find an agency that has a personal connection to adoption. When you find an older child adoption agency that’s made up of adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents, you’ll have someone in your corner who knows exactly what you’re going through.

Placing an older child up for adoption is challenging. But you don’t have to go through this alone. Lindsay, a birth mother, knows how challenging it can be to consider adoption after parenting. For women in this situation, she has many tips if you’re considering this option:

My point is that adoption after initially parenting is an option, and healing is possible for every birth mother who wants it. My tips for choosing adoption after parenting include having an open post-placement relationship, remembering your “why,” and using your support resources. Prospective birth mothers who follow these tips may find adoption after parenting a little easier.

If you’re ready to learn more about adoption agencies that accept infants after birth, please fill out our free information form to get started.