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The Benefits of Open Adoption in Oklahoma [A Guide]

The benefits of open adoption in Oklahoma positively impact you, your baby, and the hopeful adoptive family.

The benefits of open adoption in Oklahoma can enrich your life. Because when you choose an open adoption, you are choosing to continue to build your relationship with your child and their adoptive family.

This guide will examine the benefits of open adoption while also detailing the other types of adoption options available to you.

  • Point 1: Open adoption is about building relationships
  • Point 2: You’re in control of your open adoption
  • Point 3: If open adoption isn’t right for you, you have other options

If you’ve already considered your adoption choices and are ready to create your open adoption plan, you can reach out to an adoption specialist for free today.

The Benefits of Open Adoption in Oklahoma

Point 1: Open Adoption in Oklahoma is About Building Relationships

If you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy in Oklahoma and have decided to adopt your child to a prospective adoptive family, you can choose open adoption. Virtually all adoption agencies in Oklahoma are open adoption agencies; because open adoption is a choice! And you are the one who is in control of that choice.

After you choose an Oklahoma open adoption agency to help with your adoption, you’ll start to work with an adoption specialist. Your adoption specialist will help you create your adoption plan, including the type of adoption you want.

Open adoption is a more modern type of adoption. When a mother chooses an open adoption, she will exchange personal information with her child and her child’s adoptive family. In the past, most adoptions were closed adoptions.

This meant that birth mothers, adoptive families, and adopted children had zero contact with each other. Although prospective birth mothers can still choose to have a closed adoption in Oklahoma, they don’t have to. Every prospective birth mother can choose the type of adoption right for her.

Point 2: You’re in Control of Your Open Adoption in Oklahoma

No two open adoptions are the same. Every open adoption in Oklahoma is tailored to the needs of the individual prospective birth mother. 

When you choose open adoption in Oklahoma, you’ve decided that you are comfortable sharing your personal information with your child’s adoptive family. The adoptive family will share their personal contact information with you, too.

Your adoption specialist will help you determine how much and how often you communicate with your child and the adoptive family. Some of the most common types of communication that prospective birth moms, their children, and adoptive families have include:

  • Texts and chats: The frequency can be weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Phone calls: You can set the frequency of family calls.
  • Video calls: You can set the frequency of video calls.
  • In-person meetings: Many prospective birth mothers choose to plan visits during the holidays, on their child’s birthday, or on another special occasion.
  • Letters: You can determine how often you exchange letters.
  • Photo exchanges: You can determine how often you exchange photos.

It’s also important to note that the openness of your adoption can ebb and flow over the years. If you find yourself needing to pull back and engage in less communication at some point, that’s okay. Your adoption specialist can help you navigate and coordinate that arrangement.

Whatever you choose, your adoption specialist will help you determine your open adoption needs

Point 3: If Open Adoption in Oklahoma Isn’t Right for You, You Have Other Options

Open adoption isn’t the right choice for everyone. Some prospective birth mothers prefer that the adoptive family not have their personal information but are okay with some mediated contact.

Other prospective birth moms decide that zero contact with their baby and the adoptive family is best for their wellbeing and life plan.

If open adoption isn’t right for you, you have other adoption choices to consider, including semi-open and closed adoption.

What is semi-open adoption in Oklahoma?

When you choose a semi-open adoption in Oklahoma, you’re choosing to have mediated contact with your child and your child’s adoptive family. All communication will go through an adoption specialist.

So, although you can exchange calls and photos with your child and the adoptive family (and even meet in person), all these arrangements go through your adoption professional. Everyone’s personal information is kept private.

Semi-open adoption is a good choice for prospective birth moms who aren’t sure how much contact they can handle and want to slowly build their post-adoption relationship with the help of a mediator.

What is closed adoption in Oklahoma?

When you choose a closed adoption, you’re choosing not to have any contact with your baby or your baby’s adoptive family. No one will exchange any personal information. If you want to have a closed adoption, you can still choose your baby’s adoptive family – you just won’t get any of the families identifying information.

You may choose a closed adoption if you’re unsure if you can emotionally or mentally handle having contact with your baby after they are born. Some women also choose this option to keep their adoption stories private.

Considering Open vs. Closed Adoption in Oklahoma 

It’s common for prospective birth mothers to think that their only adoption choice is a closed adoption. Closed adoption used to be the “societal norm” in the U.S. But, that’s no longer the case.

Adoption specialists recommend open adoption today because of its many benefits. And although many prospective birth moms may not know that open adoption is an option for them, their adoption agency will inform them that they always have this choice.

No matter what type of adoption you choose, it’s essential to ensure that you’re satisfied and comfortable with your choice. Many women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy choose open adoption because it benefits them, their baby, and the adoptive family.

Having the ability to build your relationship with your child is special. Many prospective birth moms also enjoy getting to know their baby’s adoptive family. Having access to your child post-adoption is possible when you choose open adoption.