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Reading Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Reading, PA
If you are in the Reading, Pennsylvania area and looking to start your adoption journey, you may not know what resources are available to you. Fortunately, you have access to many local professionals that can help you get started. Here, you will find a collection of information on Reading adoption agencies, home study providers, county court information, and more.

Reading Adoption Agencies and Professionals

There are multiple kinds of adoption professionals you can consult if you are considering adoption, including facilitators, law firms, and law centers. Adoption agencies, whether they are national or local, are beneficial to expecting mothers and adoptive families because they provide all of the services you need in one place.
If you would like to find an adoption agency or other professional in Reading, follow some of the links below:

Foster Care Professionals

Like adoptive parents, foster parents must meet the requirements of their state before they can care for a child. If you want to become a foster parent in Pennsylvania, you must fit the following criteria:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Complete a physical and a background check
  • Provide references
  • Pass a home study
  • Complete foster care training requirements

If you would like to learn more about fostering and available children near you, you can find a list of foster care agencies in or near Reading below:

Home Study Providers

The home study signifies that you are officially ready to adopt a child. During this assessment, a social worker will conduct a background check, visit your home, and interview the members of your household to make sure your home is safe for a baby.
The home study can take up to a few months, so it is recommended that you begin as soon as possible. See the sections below for information on Pennsylvania-licensed home study providers:
Near Reading:

  • All About Love Adoptions
    All About Love Adoptions is committed to working with you to educate you through the home study process, and they will potentially expedite your home study if you need it.
  • A Baby Step Adoption
    As part of its comprehensive adoption services in Reading, A Baby Step Adoption completes home studies for Pennsylvania families.

In Pennsylvania:

  • Adoption Related Services, Inc.
    Adoption Related Services, Inc., provides domestic and international home studies for families all across Pennsylvania.
  • Haven Adoptions, Inc.
    Haven Adoptions, Inc., is a fully licensed Pennsylvania agency that is dedicated to guiding you through your entire home study.
  • Families United Network, Inc.
    As a full-service, nonprofit adoption agency licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Families United Network, Inc. meets the Hague Convention standards for international adoption.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Pennsylvania home study providers.

Hospitals near Reading

As an expectant mother making an adoption plan, you will have the opportunity to plan your hospital stay when the baby arrives. Your hospital plan will determine who you see in the delivery room, how much time you will spend with the adoptive family, and more.
When you are ready to start making your hospital plan, your adoption agency will communicate with your delivery hospital to ensure everything toes according to your wishes. As you consider your hospital plan, learn more about some hospitals in the Reading area:

Pennsylvania Adoption Law and Eligibility Information

Adoption is a legal process, and each state has its own legal requirements for adoptive and birth parents. Detailed information about adoption laws, qualifications and processes in Reading and throughout the rest of the state is available on our Pennsylvania adoption information page. Below is an overview of some of the regulations impacting adoptive parents and birth parents in Reading.
Birth Parents:
As the child’s mother, you must give written consent to the adoption before it will be officially recognized. Pennsylvania consent laws require that you wait at least 72 hours after giving birth, which gives you time to make a final, legally binding decision.
The father of your child also has rights that must be properly terminated. Like you, he can give his written consent to the adoption. If he cannot be contacted, or you cannot obtain his consent for another reason, speak to your adoption specialist.
Adoptive Families:
The state of Pennsylvania’s basic eligibility requirements state that any individual can adopt, provided that they complete a home study. Each state has unique laws regarding who can adopt, so if you have any questions or concerns, contact an attorney.
Additionally, you must meet the requirements of your adoption agency if you choose to work with one. If you have yet to choose an adoption professional, be sure to keep in mind that they may have more stringent eligibility criteria.

County Court Information

Adoptions are finalized in court after a number of post-placement visits by a social worker. Your adoption specialist will inform you of what you need to do when it is time to finalize your adoption. If you would like information on the courts near you, you can contact the Berks County Courts.

Things to Do in Reading

If you are traveling to Reading to adopt, you should expect to remain in the state of Pennsylvania for 7-10 business days. During that time, here are some things you can do in and around Reading:

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