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How to Find Adoptive Parents in Missouri

“I need to find a family to adopt my baby in Missouri, but where do I even start looking for a couple to adopt my baby? Where can I look at adoption profiles of waiting families?” We’ve heard these questions and many more from pregnant women who are considering adoption. Searching for your baby’s future parents can seem overwhelming at first. We’re here to help. The following are seven of the most frequently asked questions from women who are looking for adoptive families in Missouri and throughout the U.S.:

I’m Looking for Adoptive Parents for My Baby in MO — Where Should I Start?

Be cautious of ads of people looking to adopt privately — you have no way of knowing if those people have been properly screened and vetted, so you don’t know if they’ve been approved as safe and ready to adopt. Stick to online adoption profiles of people looking to adopt in Missouri through an agency. Contact your preferred adoption professional. After you complete the initial paperwork and talk with a social worker, you’ll be able to view profiles of pre-screened and approved families that match what you’re looking for. You can then select the family you feel is right and you can get to know them before moving forward together. Here are a few adoption agencies in Missouri that can help you find a family to adopt your baby:

Can I Pick a Family to Adopt My Baby in Missouri?

Of course. When you voluntarily place your child for adoption, you always have the right to select your baby’s future parents. The next question you might be thinking is, “How do I choose someone to adopt my baby?” This is a very personal choice. You may have an image of the family who is perfect for you baby. You might feel passionate about choosing a family that shares certain qualities. Fortunately, there are plenty of families who want to adopt in Missouri and throughout the U.S., so you can choose the parents you feel suit what you’re looking for. You’ll also be able to decide the type of relationship you want to have with your child and his or her family in the years to come and how much contact you’d like to share now and in the future. You establish the amount of openness you’d like to have in the adoption. All of this is entirely up to you.

What if I’m Looking for Someone to Adopt My Baby Who Fits Certain Criteria?

No problem. You can filter your search. You can filter searches for couples looking to adopt a baby who live in a certain state, practice a certain religion, are of a certain race, have a certain family type and more. Again, every woman will be looking for different qualities in parents looking to adopt a newborn. What’s important to you? Maybe your vision of your baby’s family includes your baby:
  • Growing up with older siblings
  • Being his or her parents’ first child
  • Having a home with pets to play with
  • Living in the countryside, in a city or near a beach
  • Growing up in a certain faith
  • Having parents who are artistic, sports fans, nature lovers, diverse or have certain values or qualities that you hope they’ll pass on to your child
No matter what you’re looking for, that “perfect” family for your child is out there, waiting to meet you!

Are There Missouri Families Waiting to Adopt?

Yes! There are hundreds of people who want to adopt in Missouri, and many have been waiting months or even years for the opportunity to do so. There are all types of Missouri families looking to adopt a baby, so you can find an adoptive family who truly feels right to you. However, don’t forget that you’re not limited to families wanting to adopt in Missouri. When you work with a national adoption agency, you can choose a family in any state — the most important consideration isn’t distance; it’s whether or not you feel a family is right for your child. There are people looking to adopt a baby in every state. However, if selecting from families that want to adopt in Missouri is important to you, then an adoption professional will be able to help you find the perfect family in your state. This is true for both national and local adoption professionals.

Can People from a Different State Adopt My Baby?

If that’s what you want, absolutely. Most adoptions actually occur across state lines, because the main goal is to find adoptive parents who feel right to you rather than just having to choose someone because they’re nearby. Proximity is less important than whether or not you feel a sense of connection to certain prospective adoptive parents. If you widen your search to other states, you’re more likely to find that one perfect prospective adoptive family for your child. Additionally, some women want more physical distance after they place a child for adoption — for some, emotionally healing after placement is easier if they aren’t worried about bumping into their child and his or her parents at the store. Other women prefer to choose a family within Missouri so that open adoption visits in the future are easier. The choice is entirely up to you and what you’re comfortable with. What matters most is that you feel that the adoptive parents of your choosing are the right fit for your baby.

How Do I Know When to Start Looking for Adoptive Parents?

Women who are pregnant and already know that they want to place their baby for adoption have sometimes asked, “How early in my pregnancy can I start trying to find adoptive parents for my baby?” Other women don’t come to a decision about placing their baby until the baby is born, so they worry, “Is it too late to find a family for my baby, or can I still find someone to adopt my baby from the hospital?” It’s never too soon (nor too late) to begin looking for adoptive parents in Missouri, or anywhere in the U.S. And no matter what, you always have the final say in choosing your baby’s family. You can request to view profiles of couples looking to adopt based on your preferred qualities in a family by contacting an adoption agency. Keep in mind that some agencies have limited types of families, and smaller agencies may not have as many waiting families looking to adopt as a larger agency would, so you’d have fewer options to choose from. Generally, it’s recommended that you start the process of finding adoptive parents as soon as you feel confident in your adoption plan, so you have time to carefully consider your choices. For you, that may be now, or it may be in the future. Whenever you’re ready, you can start viewing profiles of parents looking to adopt a newborn here.

Where Can I View Adoption Profiles of Missouri Adoptive Families?

You can start browsing adoption profiles online right here. We have collected adoptive parent profiles of families waiting to adopt in Missouri and throughout the U.S. These hopeful parents have already been screened and approved. If you find a family in one of our online adoptive parent profiles that you feel might be right for your baby, contact the affiliated adoption agency to receive more information.
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