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Can You Get Paid for Adoption in Missouri?

And Does It Cost to Put a Baby Up for Adoption?

One of the most common reasons why women consider placing a child for adoption is financial hardship. They may be struggling to support themselves and possibly older children, so they must now come to terms with the fact that they are financially unable to provide the life they want for their baby. If this describes your current situation — there is help.

Women who are struggling to provide even the basics for themselves and their family sometimes ask difficult questions, like, “Can I get paid for adoption in Missouri?” They’re in a desperate financial situation, and some of the questions that women find themselves asking can be tough, but they ask out of necessity.

Take some time to understand the assistance that may be available to you by finding out the answers to questions other women have asked below.

These are the top five most frequently asked questions about adoption financial assistance and the cost to “give a baby up” for adoption in Missouri:

Is Putting a Baby Up for Adoption Free in MO?

Yes. It is 100% free to place your baby for adoption in Missouri and throughout the U.S.

The services that you receive throughout the process of placing your baby with your chosen adoptive family are covered by the adoption agency and the adoptive parents. This means that the necessary services are covered, like:

  • The prenatal and pregnancy-related medical costs for you and the baby
  • The legal expenses of your attorney
  • Administrative services for managing your adoption
  • All adoption agency fees
  • Counseling and support services

All of these are paid for by the agency and the adoptive family you choose.

So, if you’ve been worrying, “Is giving a baby up for adoption free? How much does giving a baby up for adoption cost in Missouri?” then you can take a breath. It’s always free to choose adoption if you feel that’s what’s best for you and your child.

Can I Get Money for Giving My Baby Up for Adoption in Missouri?

No. But you are probably eligible to receive financial assistance for adoption.

That assistance can come in the form of:

  • Covering your housing costs during your pregnancy
  • Help with your bills for essentials like rent, electricity, your phone, etc.
  • Free adoption- and pregnancy-related services, like your medical care, attorney expenses, etc.
  • Birth parent scholarships so you can continue your education
  • And more

Every payment for birth mothers’ expenses must be reviewed by a judge and deemed “necessary and reasonable.” The types and amount of living expenses that a prospective birth mother may be eligible to receive will vary based on state law and your level of need. Coverage of living expenses will come to you through your adoption agency or attorney.

So, the answer to, “Do you get money from adoption in Missouri?” is: Yes and no.

Do you get paid to “adopt out” your baby? No. Can you get paid for adoption directly? No — selling a child is illegal and considered human trafficking, which is a serious crime. However — does it cost to put a baby up for adoption? Never.

Additionally, you will be able to receive financial help throughout your pregnancy and adoption process for things like groceries, bills, transportation and other needs you might be struggling with at the moment. Receiving that assistance does not obligate you to choose adoption, so remember that you should never feel pressured to make a choice that you don’t feel is right.

Are There Adoption Agencies That Pay You to Place a Baby for Adoption in Missouri?

No. There are Missouri adoption agencies that pay for all expenses related to the pregnancy and adoption. There are adoption agencies that help with living expenses, medical costs, housing and more. But do adoption agencies pay birth mothers? No.

However, adoption agencies will help pregnant women cover costs that they’re struggling with to ease the financial burden of the pregnancy, so that finances can become less of a factor in the woman’s adoption choice.

The living expenses that an adoption agency may be able to help you with can depend on the laws of the state you live in. However, if you need help financially supporting yourself during your pregnancy and adoption process, agencies will be able to help you.

Here are several Missouri adoption agencies you could reach out to for help:

Is There an Adoption Agency That Helps with Housing in Missouri?

Yes. There are many Missouri adoption agencies that provide housing or can help you cover the costs of your current housing. Many can help you to relocate to someplace safer if you’re in an unstable or unhealthy living situation, or if you’re currently experiencing homelessness.

You won’t have to worry about keeping a roof over your head if you’re in the process of making an adoption plan for your child. Your adoption professional should also work to help you create a plan that allows you to continue living someplace safe and affordable after the baby is born.

Is There Financial Help for Birth Mothers Giving Baby Up for Adoption?

Yes. While the answer to “Do I get money for giving my baby for adoption?” is “no,” you can still receive financial help through living expenses.

You cannot get paid to give your baby up for adoption in Missouri (or in any other state), but if financial hardship is one of the reasons why you’re considering adoption in the first place, there is help.

So, to reiterate the key points covered in this article:

  • Does it cost to put a baby up for adoption in Missouri? Never.
  • Is putting a baby up for adoption free? Always.
  • Does the birth mother get paid for adoption in Missouri? No.
  • Is the expense of putting a child for adoption covered for the pregnant woman? Yes.
  • Can prospective birth mothers receive financial help for housing, bills, groceries and other necessary living expenses? Yes.

If you have any more questions about adoption financial assistance in Missouri, please reach out to an adoption specialist now. If you need financial help during this difficult time, they’ll be able to help you access whatever resources you need to support yourself and your family. No woman should have to financially struggle during her pregnancy.

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