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Adoption When Your Spouse in Not Your Baby’s Father [Adoption is Always an Option]

How the Right Adoption Agency Can Help You 

If you are married or in a relationship and pregnant, but your partner is not the father of your baby, you’re probably asking if you can choose adoption for your baby. The answer is yes, you can always choose adoption for your child. 

  • An adoption agency can help guide you through the adoption process step by step. 
  • Your adoption agency can connect you with a licensed adoption attorney to work with you based on your situation and relationship with the birth father and your partner. 
  • Your adoption specialist and adoption attorney can explain your state’s adoption laws, birth father rights and how you can choose adoption in your situation. 

Some circumstances are particularly difficult and that includes having a complex relationship with your spouse or if you’ve become pregnant with someone other than your spouse. When it comes to choosing adoption and parental rights, you may be asking questions like: 

  • Should I keep my baby by another man? 
  • Do you have a right to choose adoption when your spouse is not the father 
  • Does your spouse have a say in the adoption 
  • What about the biological father?  
  • Does he have a say in this, too?  
  • What if there is more than one possible father?  

To get answers to questions related to parental rights, you will need the expertise of an adoption attorney who knows the specific details of your unique situation. Answers about parental rights in adoption are determined on a case-by-case basis.  

By working with an adoption agency experienced in working with prospective birth mothers in complex circumstances, you can find an amazing family and home for your child. You can get more information on placing your baby for adoption when your spouse isn’t the father as well as how to get connected with licensed and experienced adoption attorneys by filling out this online form

While this article shouldn’t be taken as legal advice, it can hopefully provide some answers to your questions and get you started down the right path.  

Can a Baby be Given Up for Adoption if Your Spouse is Not the Father? 

Depending on your circumstances, the father may have a right to either consent to the adoption or to attempt to establish and maintain his parental rights. He may be required to take specific legal actions if he wishes to contest the adoption. Similarly, your spouse may be presumed to have parental rights, even if he is not the biological father of the baby  

If the relationship with the spouse is active and ongoing, he could have a stronger claim to his parental rights. If, on the other hand, a woman is still legally married to a man but has been separated for years, it may be harder for him to assert his parental rights. In any type of relationship, this will depend on your unique details, your adoption attorney and the judge hearing the case. 

Each state has laws protecting birth father rights. These laws can differ from state to state and where you live will have an impact on the answer to this question as will your relationships with your spouse and with the father of your baby. 

It’s important to know all the facts when you are considering adoption. Your adoption professionals, including your adoption specialist and attorney, are the only ones who can tell you what to expect in your specific circumstances. 

Choosing Adoption Creates a Better Future for Everyone Involved 

Becoming pregnant when your spouse isn’t the father is a difficult situation but you have experienced professionals to lean on. You can contact an adoption professional to get free guidance, non-judgmental counseling and support.  

While no one can tell you what to do, they’ll listen to you and provide the information you need to make the fully informed decision that’s best for you. 

Women from all different parts of the country, different economic levels and all different relationship types choose adoption. This is a brave decision for anyone making it. It’s a selfless act, and it comes from a place of love. Even though it’s common to hear talk of “giving a baby up” for adoption, there’s nothing about choosing adoption that resembles “giving up.” It is giving life and that makes you a hero

Adoption can create a better future for everyone involved. Not only does your child have the chance to grow up in a safe, healthy and loving environment, but you get to focus on your relationship without the burden of parenting and a hopeful adoptive family gets to see their dreams of adopting come true. 

If you believe adoption is the best option for you and the baby, you should always consider it. Just because the road to a successful adoption given your circumstances seems bumpy doesn’t mean it will be impossible.  No matter what complex circumstances you’re facing, there are hundreds of hopeful adoptive families waiting for the chance to give your baby a great home.

Working with the right adoption agency means you get to find the perfect adoptive parents for your child. Because you are in charge of your adoption, you get to create an adoption plan designed specifically to address your needs and what you want for your baby.

Speaking with an adoption specialist and getting connected with an experienced attorney to navigate birth father rights and adoption is the best next step in any case. You can contact an adoption professional to get more information on placing a child for adoption when your spouse isn’t the father.