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Find Unplanned Pregnancy Help in Arizona

Facing an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona can be stressful because you need to make many important decisions that can have a profound impact on your life. The uncertainty of an unplanned, unintended pregnancy can bring on a wide range of difficult questions, such as:

In this guide, you’ll find information about your three primary options when facing an unplanned pregnancy and the available resources for unplanned pregnancy in Arizona. No mother’s unplanned pregnancy is exactly like yours. Therefore, you should learn about your options, use available counseling resources, and decide the best path for you.

It’s important to remember you have options, and you’re not in this alone. There are professionals who are waiting to offer unplanned pregnancy help in Arizona. Keep reading to find out more about facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options in Arizona

You’ve discovered you’re pregnant, even though you never planned to be. While that can be a shocking development, the key first step is to learn your unplanned pregnancy options in Arizona. Your first question after discovering you are pregnant should be, “What are my options if I’m pregnant and don’t want to be?”

Only you can determine your best course of action. Your pregnancy experience will be unique, and it’s up to you to make a decision that ensures your peace and future happiness. Though you should receive unplanned pregnancy counselling in Arizona, you remain in control of your decision.

There are three options for any woman facing an unplanned or undesired pregnancy in Arizona. They are parenting, abortion and adoption. Let’s learn a little more about each of those options and their pros and cons.


Many women who deal with unplanned pregnancy in Arizona will choose to parent the child themselves. When a mother already has an established family, unplanned pregnancy in Arizona can simply mean a surprise addition to the family unit.

However, for those expectant mothers who never intended to become pregnant, the option of parenting may be more complicated. It’s not the best choice for everyone facing an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona, so it’s important that you fully consider the impact of your choice.

Being responsible for another life can be stressful, especially when you didn’t plan to become a parent in the first place. Even in planned pregnancies, parents are rarely ready to begin their journey. Facing an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona can compound that dynamic considerably.

If you think that parenting is the right option for you, don’t let your feelings of trepidation change your mind. Everyone is a little nervous when becoming a parent. If you think parenting is the right unplanned pregnancy option for you, explore your feelings and decide if you’re up to the challenge.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to parent in an unexpected pregnancy.

  • You have the desire to be a parent.
  • You are ready to make parenting a child your highest priority.
  • The time is right for adding another child (or a first child) to your family.
  • You are prepared emotionally, professionally and financially for the responsibilities that come with parenthood.
  • You feel prepared to navigate the emotions of parenting a child.
  • You will be physically and medically able to carry your child and meet the physical demands of parenting.
  • You have a strong support system of family and friends who can help you as you raise your child.
  • You are excited about the prospect of being responsible for another human life, but you’re willing to accept the challenge.

If you answered “yes” to most of those questions, parenting may be a viable option when facing an unplanned, unintended pregnancy in Arizona. If you truthfully answered, “no” more often than, “yes,” you may want to consider other options before making a decision. 

Again, it’s important to remember that the choice to parent your child is a deeply personal one, and no two pregnancies are alike. If you opt to parent when facing an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona, there are some resources that can offer valuable support.

Abortion in Arizona

For many women facing unplanned pregnancy in Arizona, parenting simply isn’t an option. The range of factors involved could include professional complications, emotional concerns, financial obstacles, or medical reasons. When a woman is confronted with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in Arizona, there are other options available to her.

One of those options is abortion, which is a medical procedure that removes the pregnancy tissue and products of conception from the uterus. Though abortion is the second-most common option for women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona, the rate of abortions nationwide is declining.

There are two primary types of abortion: elective and therapeutic. Elective abortions are those procedures performed with the purpose of ending an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in Arizona. In some cases, a woman may not be able to safely carry a child and deliver due to health risks. Those pregnancies may be ended with a therapeutic abortion.

The abortion option when dealing with an unplanned or undesired pregnancy may be complicated by restrictive laws and regulations in some states. In Arizona, for example, a woman must undergo state-sponsored counselling that discourages abortion. She must then wait 24 hours before proceeding with the procedure.

If you move forward with the abortion option, you’ll need to first locate a clinic or medical center that performs abortions. In many states, the options for those services providers may be limited, so make sure there’s an abortion provider near you.

Here are some of the things to think about when considering abortion following an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona:

  • You don’t want to, or aren’t able to, be a parent right now.
  • You already have children and can’t take on the additional responsibility of another one.
  • You want to one day be a parent but the timing isn’t right now.
  • You cannot, or don’t want to, carry a baby to term.
  • You risk your health by carrying a baby to term.
  • You have professional or social goals that you’ve not yet accomplished and raising a child would hamper your ambition.
  • You’re unsure of your partner’s commitment to parenting and don’t want to parent a child alone.
  • You can’t accept the financial responsibility of raising a child. 

While all options associated with an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona will carry some emotional consequences, only you can decide if you are willing to accept the results of your abortion. There is no right or wrong choice when facing an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, but it’s important to consider the emotional impact before making a decision.

Here are a few agencies that can offer support if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona and considering abortion:

Adoption in Arizona

When facing unplanned pregnancy, adoption in Arizona offers yet another option to expectant mothers. Whether it’s because you can’t afford to add a child to the family, can’t disrupt your career trajectory, or simply don’t think you’re ready for the responsibility of parenting, adoption offers many mothers a path forward.

Adoption is the process of placing your child with an adoptive family shortly after birth. If you experience an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy in Arizona, you can work with an adoption agency to find the perfect family to adopt your child. With the help of an agency, you create an adoption plan to ensure your wishes are met throughout the process.

Placing your child with an adoptive family can be an act of love, as it’s done to give your child the best future life. These emotions and accompanying wishes lead some women to choose adoption from the options for dealing with unplanned pregnancies in Arizona.

Birth mothers choose the right prospective adoptive parents from among eligible families. That allows you to play a role in the life of your child. Placing your child can offer peace of mind when dealing with your unplanned pregnancy in Arizona. Adoptive families are pre-screened to ensure they can meet the financial, emotional, and social needs of the child.

If you choose open or semi-open adoption, you can experience an expanded role in the life of your child. Birth mothers can maintain communication with adoptive parents and even communicate with the child as they grow. For many mothers facing unplanned pregnancy in Arizona, adoption has tremendous upside.

There may also be adoption financial assistance available to birth mothers facing unplanned pregnancy in Arizona. The financial impact of carrying a child to term can be high, but Arizona law allows for some expenses to be covered by prospective adoptive parents.

As with the other options available to mothers facing an unplanned pregnancy in Arizona, only you can decide is adoption is right for you. Here are some things to help you consider the prospect:

  • You want your child to have a life full of opportunity but know parenting isn’t possible right now.
  • You have love for your unborn child, but there are factors that will prevent you from parenting.
  • You need financial assistance to afford the costs of carrying your baby to term.
  • You have no health-related issues that would make it dangerous for you to carry the child to term.
  • You want to have a relationship with your child, but you just aren’t ready or able to parent.
  • You want to select the perfect family for your unborn child.
  • You like the idea of helping a couple expand their family through adoption.

If these considerations resonate with you, then adoption may be the best of the three options for unplanned pregnancy. There are challenges associated with the adoption process, but for many birth mothers, it’s the right option.

Fortunately, there are resources available to help you as you consider adoption. Here are a few agencies operating in Arizona who offer help to women facing unplanned pregnancy in Arizona who are considering adoption:

Next Steps for your Unplanned Pregnancy

When you discover that you’ve gotten pregnant accidentally, there’s no reason to panic. Take a deep breath, then ask yourself, “What are my options for unwanted pregnancy in Arizona?” You have choices, and you remain in control no matter how upsetting your unplanned pregnancy may initially be.

No two unplanned pregnancies are alike, and in your unique situation, only you can decide what’s best for you. Consider the pros and cons of each option and be sure to speak with a professional for guidance and counseling on the impacts of each choice.

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