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Tucson Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Tucson, Arizona There are many local resources available to couples and individuals considering adopting or placing a child for adoption in Tucson, Arizona. Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or are interested in adding to your family through adoption, find the information you need about Tucson adoption agencies, home study providers, foster care resources and more. To learn more about adoption throughout the state, visit our Adoption in Arizona page.

Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals in Tucson

Through every step of the adoption process, adoption agencies and other adoption professionals can be great resources for birth parents and adoptive families alike. For information about adoption in Tucson and other parts of Arizona, contact one of these Arizona adoption professionals:

Become a Foster Parent in Tucson

To be eligible to become a foster parent in Arizona, you must be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the state. If you are considering becoming a foster parent or adding to your family through foster care adoption, there are many local resources available to you. Visit the following to learn more about foster care in the Tucson area: Find more information about foster care programs, laws and agencies in Tucson and throughout Arizona on our state adoption information page.

Tucson Home Study Services

Whether you are pursuing domestic infant, international or foster care adoption, all adoptive parents in Arizona are required to complete an adoption home study. Information about what to expect throughout the home study process is available on our state information page. In addition, the following professionals can help you complete the home study in your area: Near Tucson:
  • International Child Foundation, Inc. 520-531-9931 International Child Foundation is a Hague accredited, Arizona licensed nonprofit adoption agency that provides domestic, international and stepparent adoption home studies and post-placement services.
In Arizona:
  • Southwest Adoption Services 480-380-6248 Southwest Adoption Services is a licensed Arizona adoption agency that provides domestic and international adoption home studies for certification, post-placement/post-adoption reports to Arizona adoptive families.
  • Building Arizona Families 623-936-4729 Building Arizona Families is a licensed private nonprofit adoption agency that provides home study services.
  • Agape Adoption Agency of Arizona 480-272-7994 Agape provides the home study services necessary for foster care licensure and adoption certification in Arizona.
Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Arizona home study providers.

Hospitals in Tucson

When it is time to begin making hospital arrangements for the arrival of the new baby, the birth mother will create a hospital plan to determine who is in the delivery room with her when the baby is born, how much time she will spend with the new baby, and more. If you are a prospective birth mother, your adoption professional can work with you to communicate with the hospital and create a hospital plan. Here are a few of the local hospitals you may be working with:

Adoption Laws and Qualifications in Tucson

Adoption laws are determined by the state. While prospective birth parents and adoptive families in Tucson should work closely with an adoption attorney to ensure the adoption is completed legally, it may be helpful to have a basic understanding of some Arizona adoption regulations. The following provides an overview of some of the areas of adoption that are regulated by state laws. More detailed information about state adoption laws is available on our Arizona adoption page. Laws for Birth Parents: For birth mothers and fathers, the primary legal process in adoption is the execution of consent. If you are considering an adoption plan for your baby, our state information page provides more information about consent, relinquishment, and the rights of birth fathers in Arizona. Laws for Adoptive Parents: You must meet certain qualifications and complete an Arizona adoption home study to be eligible to adopt in Tucson. In addition, Arizona statutes regulate other areas of the adoption, including the expenses that can be paid by adoptive families, the use of advertising and facilitators and more. County Courts The final stage of the legal adoption process is the finalization of the adoption, which will be completed in court after a post-placement period. If you are adopting in Tucson, Arizona, find additional information for finalizing an adoption in Pima County.

Things to do in Tucson

If your adoption plans include a trip to the Tucson area, either to meet with prospective birth parents or to wait for ICPC clearances, be sure to take advantage of all the city has to offer. Here are some top attractions to visit during your stay in Arizona:
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