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Tampa Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Tampa, Florida

Couples hoping to adopt or women placing a child for adoption in Tampa may be wondering what local resources are available to them. For anyone pursuing adoption or looking to learn more about the process, the following compilation of resources will provide you with what you need to know about adoption in Tampa.

Tampa Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals

Prospective birth mothers and adoptive families have many choices of adoption professionals. Below, you can find a list of some Tampa adoption agencies and professionals that can help you begin the process:

Become a Foster Parent in Tampa

If you want to become a foster parent in Tampa, then you must first meet the state’s requirements. In order to be a foster parent in Florida, you must:

  • Attend orientation and training
  • Complete a background check
  • Pass a home study to determine your readiness to foster

For more information on foster care and available children in your area, contact one of the following local professionals:

Home Study Providers

The home study is a process that includes a background check, a home visit, and an interview of the prospective adoptive family. This ensures that the family and home are safe and ready for a child.

If you are hoping to adopt and need to complete your home study, you must find a state-licensed social worker to conduct the home study for you. Here, you can find a list of Florida-licensed social workers:

Near Tampa:

  • Adoption Home Study Services
    In addition to conducting home studies, Adoption Home Study Services also provides support and education to families hoping to adopt.
  • Heart of Adoptions, Inc.
    Heart of Adoptions offers affordable home study and post-placement services for Florida families.

In Florida:

  • Connecting Hearts Adoption Services
    You can find all of the information about fees, the home study process, and other services on the Connecting Hearts website.
  • Hope for Families
    If you are looking to foster or adopt in Florida, Hope for Families can help you with completing your home study and financing your adoption.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Florida home study providers.

Hospitals near Tampa

If you are pursuing an adoption plan for your unborn child, then you will eventually need to create a hospital plan as well. As the mother, you get to decide where and how you will have your baby, who you want to be there with you, and how much time you would like with your child. Many hospitals are adoption-friendly and will help you to have a positive labor and delivery experience.

For more information, contact one of the hospitals near you:

Laws and Adoption Requirements in Florida

If you are pursuing adoption, either as an adopting couple or expecting mother, you take note of the laws of your state. To learn more, visit our page on adoption in Florida, or read on for an overview of adoption laws pertaining to birth parents and adoptive families.

Birth Parents:

Women pursuing adoption in Florida must wait a minimum of 72 hours after giving birth before they can terminate their parental rights. This allows them to recover from delivery before making their final decision.

The rights of the child’s father must also be terminated in order for the adoption to be valid. If the father will not consent to the adoption or cannot be contacted, speak to your adoption specialist about how you can move forward without his written consent.

For more information, visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

Adoptive Families:

If you are looking to adopt in Tampa, then you must meet Florida’s adoption requirements as well as the requirements of your adoption professional. Florida law states that any husband and wife or unmarried individual may adopt a child. In some cases, a married person may also adopt without his or her spouse.

Your adoption agency or professional may have additional requirements based on age, marital status, religious affiliation, or other factors. Be sure to take this into consideration when choosing an adoption professional.

Tampa Court Information

All adoptions must be finalized in court, a proceeding that takes place about six months after placement. Your adoption professional will guide you through the process when it is time for you to appear in court. For more information about the judicial system in your area, visit the Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

Things to Do in Tampa

If you are adopting in Tampa from out of state, then you will have to stay in Florida for 7-10 business days after placement to wait for legal clearance. During this time, here are some things you can find to do in the Tampa area:

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