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Evansville Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Evansville, Indiana
For an expecting mother or a family considering adoption, you may be unsure of what resources are available to you. If you want to place a child for adoption or grow your family in Evansville, Indiana, the following collection of resources will provide you with information and help you get started. More information can be found on our Adoption in Indiana page.

Evansville Adoption Agencies and Professionals

Adoption agencies can be beneficial for adoptive families and prospective birth parents because of the comprehensive services they provide. If you choose to work with an agency, your specialist will guide you through every step of the process.
If you would like to begin your adoption, start with one of the following Evansville professionals:

Foster Care Agencies in Evansville

If you would like to pursue foster care in Evansville, you must meet Indiana’s foster care requirements. These include:

  • Complete your county's licensing packet
  • Attend a 10-hour training course
  • Pass a home study and background check

To begin your foster care journey, you can contact one of the following professionals in or near Evansville:

Home Study Providers

The home study is one of the most anticipated steps of the adoption process for a family, as it signifies that the family is ready to adopt a child. Your home study must be conducted by a state-licensed social worker, who will conduct a background check, a home inspection, and family member interviews.
To get started on your home study, contact one of the listed Indiana professionals:
Near Evansville:

  • Lampion Center
    Lampion Center is a non-profit counseling agency that also provides adoption services, including Indiana home studies.

In Indiana:

  • Adoptions of Indiana
    You can complete your Indiana home study with Adoptions of Indiana in 6-8 weeks. In some cases, they can expedite the process if needed.
  • All Blessings International
    You can find ABI home study providers in Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, and Indiana. While they specialize in international adoptions, they also offer home study services for domestic, interstate, and independent adoptions.
  • MLJ Adoptions
    MLJ Adoptions is qualified and willing to conduct home studies for Indiana residents, even if they are adopting through another agency. Contact them to start your international, domestic, kinship, or embryo adoption.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Indiana home study providers.

Hospitals near Evansville

Everyone involved in an adoption waits in anticipation for the baby to be born – especially the birth mother. Before the big day arrives, you will want to consult your adoption professional and develop a hospital plan. This will let everyone know how you want your hospital experience to go, who you want to be with you, how much time you want with your baby, and more.
As you begin to consider your hospital plan, you can contact one of your nearby hospitals or maternity centers for more information:

Laws and Requirements to Adopt in Indiana

Adoption is an emotional process for birth parents and adoptive families, but it is also a legal process and must be carried out accordingly. Read the sections below for an overview of Indiana adoption laws that pertain to birth parents and adoptive families. More information can be found on our Adoption in Indiana page.
Birth Parents:
Before an adoption can be legally recognized, both birth parents must terminate their parental rights. Indiana’s consent laws allow a birth mother to consent to an adoption only after giving birth.
You must also make sure that the father’s rights are recognized and properly terminated. If the father of your child cannot be located or you cannot obtain his consent, consult your adoption professional.
Adoptive Families:
In order to adopt in Indiana, a family must meet the state’s basic eligibility requirements and complete a home study. In Indiana, any adult or married couple can generally adopt, provided that they are at least 10 years older than the child they are adopting. Be sure to work with your adoption professional and ensure that you meet any and all requirements when you pursue adoption.

County Court Information

About six months after you take your baby home, you will appear in court to finalize your adoption. At this time, your adoption professional will contact you with information and guidance. If you would like more information on court proceedings in your area, you can visit the Vanderburgh County Clerk’s Office.

Things to Do in Evansville

If you adopt in Evansville but live in another state, you must remain in the state of Indiana for 7-10 business days after placement. This is the time necessary for legal clearances to go through so you can bring your child home. During this time, you can visit some of the following places in Evansville:


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