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Fort Wayne Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Fort Wayne, Indiana Whether you are a hopeful parent seeking to adopt or a pregnant woman considering an adoption plan, there are many local adoption and foster care resources in For Wayne. The following provides information about local adoption agencies, home study providers and other adoption services in and around Fort Wayne, Indiana. Additional resources for expectant mothers and adoptive parents throughout the state are included in our Indiana adoption information.

Adoption Agencies and Professionals in Fort Wayne

Pregnant mothers and hopeful families can both find all of the adoption services they need with adoption agencies. From introductory counseling to post-placement and finalization, an adoption agency will accompany you through every step of your adoption. If you are interested in working with an agency in the Fort Wayne area, contact one of the following professionals:

Become a Foster Parent in Fort Wayne

In order to be a foster parent or adopt a child from foster care in Fort Wayne, you must meet Indiana’s foster parent requirements, which include:
  • Complete a county-issued licensing packet
  • Complete a background check and home study
  • Attend 10 hours of training
If you are interested in opening your home to a child in foster care, either as a foster or adoptive parent, these local agencies and resources can provide the information you need about Fort Wayne foster care:

Home Study Professionals

Every adoptive and foster parent in Fort Wayne must complete an Indiana home study. During the assessment, the home will be inspected and family members will be interviewed on a variety of topics, including their motivation to adopt, their understanding of adoptive parenting, and more. To learn more about the home study process and requirements in Indiana, visit our state adoption information page, or contact one of the following trusted home study providers in your area: Near Fort Wayne:
  • Hand in Hand International Adoptions 260-636-3566 At their Indiana office, Hand in Hand can conduct home studies for families adopting with an out-of-state agency if they need an Indiana provider.
  • Whitington Homes & Services 260-745-9431 With Whitington Homes & Services, you can receive education and guidance through your Indiana home study process.
In Indiana:
  • Adoptions and Family Support Network 219-924-2600 Indiana adoptive families can complete their home study and post-placement assessments with the Adoptions and Family Support Network, a licensed Indiana agency.
Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Indiana home study providers.

Hospitals near Fort Wayne

One of the most emotional parts of the adoption process, both for birth parents and adoptive families, is the time spent in the hospital when the baby is born. It is entirely up to the birth mother to decide how she would like her hospital stay to proceed. If you are making an adoption plan for your baby, you will work with your adoption professional and your delivery hospital to ensure everything happens exactly as you want it to. When you are ready to begin creating your hospital plan, here are some Fort Wayne area hospitals that may be able to assist you:

Indiana Adoption Laws and Requirements

Because adoption is a legal process, birth parents and adoptive families should be aware of the adoption-related regulations of their state. Each state has unique laws that protect the rights of birth parents and define eligibility for adopting families. Learn more about these laws on our Adoption in Indiana page. Below, you can find a brief overview of Indiana consent laws for birth parents and adoption requirements for hopeful parents. Birth Parents: Before an adoption can be legally finalized, the rights of the birth parents must be properly terminated. In the state of Indiana, the earliest you can consent to an adoption is when the child is born. This gives you time to make your final decision once the baby arrives. The rights of the birth father must also be recognized and properly terminated. If he cannot be contacted to give his consent to the adoption, speak to your adoption professional about how to move forward with your adoption plan. Adoptive Families: The state of Indiana allows any adult or married couple to adopt, provided that they are over 18, at least 10 years older than the child they adopt, and cleared to adopt by a home study. Learn more about adoption eligibility at the Child Welfare Information Gateway.

County Court Information

All adoptions will be finalized in court after you have completed the necessary post-placement assessments. When it is time for your court hearing, your adoption professional will give you more information on what to do. You can also learn more about the courts in your area at the Allen County Clerk of the Courts.

Things to Do in Fort Wayne

If you are adopting in Indiana but live in another state, you should expect to stay in Indiana for 7-10 business days while the necessary legal clearances are completed. While you wait, you can visit some of these Fort Wayne attractions: