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Bellevue Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Bellevue, WA
If you live in Bellevue and are considering adopting a child or placing a baby for adoption, your first question may be where to start. Fortunately, you can begin your adoption journey right in your hometown. The following page will give you information on Bellevue adoption agencies, home study providers, hospitals, and more.

Bellevue Adoption Agencies and Professionals

Adoption agencies are professionals that provide full pre- and post-adoption services to birth parents and adoptive families. By working with an agency, you can receive counseling, education, assistance with finding a match, and guidance through each step of the process. If you are interested in working with an agency, you can contact one of the following Bellevue professionals:

Foster Care Resources in Bellevue

To become a foster parent in Bellevue, interested couples and individuals must meet certain state qualifications and satisfy the requirements of their chosen agency. State requirements in Washington include:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Be financially stable
  • Complete necessary training and licensing orientation

If you are interested in becoming a foster family, contact a local foster care organization:

Home Study Providers

The home study is an important landmark for adoptive families; once you have completed it, you will be officially ready to adopt a child. Consisting of a series of background checks, a home inspection, and an interview, the home study ensures that your home is safe and suitable for raising a child.
If you are ready to begin your home study, then read on to find licensed home study professionals in Washington.
Near Bellevue:

  • Evergreen Adoption Services
    Evergreen specializes in providing home studies and post-placement reports for all kinds of adoptions in Seattle, Bellevue, or anywhere else in Western Washington.
  • Your Adoptive Family
    The home study page of Your Adoptive Family provides you with everything you will need to complete a Washington home study with them, along with the fees they charge.
  • Children’s Home Society of Washington
    Visit the CHS home study page for a breakdown of their fees for domestic home studies, international home studies, and post-placement visits.

In Washington:

  • All God’s Children International
    All God’s Children provides comprehensive domestic and international adoption services, and they also offer their home study services to families adopting with another professional.
  • Lori Whitaker, LSCW
    Contact Lori Whitaker, a state-licensed social worker, and she can help you with all of your domestic, international, and stepparent home study needs.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Washington home study providers.

Hospitals near Bellevue

If you are a pregnant mother and pursuing adoption, you will want to work with your adoption specialist and healthcare provider to plan your hospital stay. By creating a hospital plan, you can let those involved in your adoption know how you want the big day to proceed and who you want to be there with you.
To get started or find more information, you can contact a nearby hospital:

Washington Adoption Laws and Qualifications

Adoption laws vary by state. For prospective birth parents and adoptive families in Bellevue, it may be helpful to understand some Washington adoption laws, qualifications and processes.
For detailed information about adoption laws in Bellevue and throughout the state, visit our Washington adoption page. Below, find an overview of some of the areas of adoption that are regulated by state laws.
Laws for Birth Parents:
The rights of a child’s birth parents must be legally terminated before an adoption takes place, and each state regulates this process differently. In Washington, a birth mother can consent to an adoption 48 hours after the birth of the child.
The birth father’s rights must also be terminated, either voluntarily or involuntarily. If the birth father cannot be contacted, or you cannot obtain his consent for another reason, speak to your adoption professional or refer to our Washington adoption information.
Laws for Adoptive Families:
In the state of Washington, any adult can adopt as long as they are legally competent and complete a home study. In addition to the basic state requirements, you may have to meet the criteria put in place by your chosen adoption professional.
To learn about adoption laws regarding birth parent expenses, finalization, ICPC, and more, visit our page on adoption in Washington.

County Court Information

All adoptions must be finalized in court after a series of post-placement assessments. When you are ready to finalize your adoption, your professional will guide you through the process and let you know what to do. In the meantime, visit the King County Superior Court webpage for information on the courts in your area.

Things to Do in Bellevue

Parents adopting in Washington from another state can expect to remain there for 7-10 business days. After all of the necessary state clearances go through, you will be able to take your baby home. Along with all of the attractions you can find in nearby Seattle, here are just a few places to see if you’re adopting in Bellevue:

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