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Vancouver Adoption & Foster Care Resources

Vancouver, WA Whether you are a hopeful parent seeking to adopt or a pregnant woman considering an adoption plan, there are many local adoption and foster care resources near Vancouver. The following provides information about local adoption agencies, home study providers and other adoption services in and around Vancouver, Washington. Additional resources for expectant mothers and adoptive parents throughout the state are included in our Washington adoption information.

Adoption Agencies and Professionals near Vancouver

Whether you are a prospective birth parent or an adoptive family, the professional you choose to work with will guide you through the adoption process and ensure you receive the necessary services and support to complete your adoption in Vancouver. The following professionals are stationed either in or near Vancouver and can help you begin a Vancouver adoption:

Foster Care Professionals in Vancouver

Before you can become a foster parent in Vancouver, you must meet Washington foster care requirements, which include:
  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Complete required orientation and training
  • Have proof of sufficient income
  • Pass a background check
When you are ready to begin the foster care process, you can contact one of the following professionals in your area:

Home Study Providers

The home study is the process in which a social worker evaluates your home and family. After a background check, a collection of documents, a home inspection, and an interview of your family, your home study provider will determine if your home is safe and ready for a child. If you are pursuing adoption and ready to start your home study in Vancouver, you will need to find a Washington-licensed home study provider. Below, you can find a few of the home study professionals near you: Near Vancouver:
  • Lori Whitaker, LCSW 360-576-6597 Located in Portland, Oregon, Lori Whitaker is licensed in both Washington and Oregon to provide home studies for families.
  • All God’s Children International 503-282-7652 With their main office in Vancouver, Washington, All God’s Children offers its services in both domestic and international adoption to families across the country.
In Washington:
  • Emily Farrell, MA, LMHC 360-815-6445 Emily Farrell is licensed in Washington and experienced with Washington adoption law. She will guide you through every step of your home study.
  • Your Adoptive Family 206-408-7219 Your Adoptive Family has over ten years of experience and will pair your with your own social worker to complete your home study.
Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Washington home study providers.

Hospitals near Vancouver

Everyone involved in an adoption waits in anticipation for the baby to be born – especially the birth mother. Before the big day arrives, you will want to consult your adoption professional and develop a hospital plan. This will let everyone know how you want your hospital experience to go, who you want to be with you, how much time you want with your baby, and more. As you begin to consider your hospital plan, you can contact one of your nearby hospitals or maternity centers for more information:

Washington Adoption Laws and Qualifications

Every state has specific requirements for prospective families and expecting mothers who are pursuing adoption. Before you begin the adoption process, you can review Washington’s adoption requirements in full and make sure that you comply with them. Below, you can find a brief summary of requirements for birth parents and adoptive families. Birth Parents: In order to complete an adoption, both birth parents must legally terminate their parental rights. Under Washington law, you can be asked to consent to the adoption 48 hours after the birth of the child, allowing you some time to recover from delivery before making a final decision. The rights of the birth father must also be terminated properly, regardless of his level of involvement. More information on birth parents’ rights can be found on our Adoption in Washington page. Adoptive Families: The state of Washington allows anyone over the age of 18 to adopt a child, as long as they complete a home study. Along with eligibility requirements, adoptive families must also abide by laws regarding birth mother expenses, adoption finalization, and more. Learn more about adoptive family requirements on our Washington adoption information page.

County Court Information

Approximately six months after taking their baby home, an adoptive family must legally finalize their adoption in court. If you are waiting to finalize your adoption, your adoption specialist or attorney will provide you with more information before you appear in court. For more information on court proceedings in your area, you can visit the page for the Clark County District Court.

Things to Do in Vancouver

As adoptive parents, you may find yourself in the Vancouver area to visit your baby’s birth parents or bring your new baby home. Be sure to enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer during your stay:
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