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Milwaukee Adoption & Foster Care Resources

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Couples and individuals considering adoption in Milwaukee often have questions about the adoption professionals and resources in their area. Whether you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or are interested in becoming an adoptive or foster parent, the following information provides everything you need to know about Milwaukee adoption agencies, foster care resources, home study professionals and more.

Adoption Agencies and Adoption Professionals in Milwaukee

Whether you are a prospective birth parent or adoptive family, your adoption professional is often one of the best sources of local adoption information. If you would like to work with an adoption professional near Milwaukee, these local agencies can provide adoption information and services in your area:

Become a Foster Parent in Milwaukee

If you are interested in opening your home to a child in foster care, either as a foster or adoptive parent, these local agencies can provide the information you need to get started as a foster parent in Milwaukee:

Keep in mind that different agencies may have different training and requirements for the parents they work with. In addition, all foster parents in Milwaukee must meet certain Wisconsin requirements and complete the home study process.
More information about foster care programs, laws and agencies in Milwaukee and throughout the state is available on our Wisconsin adoption page.

Milwaukee Home Study Services

Anyone seeking to adopt or foster a child in Milwaukee must complete a Wisconsin home study before a child can be placed in their care. The home study ensures you are ready to provide a suitable home for a child.
Information about the Wisconsin home study process and qualifications is available here. In addition, the following professionals are legally qualified to perform home studies in Wisconsin and can provide more information about what to expect during the home study:
Near Milwaukee:

  • Adoption Choice
    Adoption Choice Inc. is a Wisconsin licensed nonprofit child placing agency with offices in Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison. The agency provides services for international, domestic, independent, out-of-state, relative and stepparent adoptions.

In Wisconsin:

  • Adoptions of Wisconsin
    Adoptions of Wisconsin, Inc. (AOW) is a full-service licensed adoption agency providing services for interstate, independent, stepparent, relative and LGBT adoptions, as well as home studies for embryo adoption.

Visit 1800HomeStudy.com to learn more about Wisconsin home study providers.

Hospitals in Milwaukee

When the time comes to finally meet the new baby, a hospital plan will be in place to determine who is in the delivery room when the baby is born, how much time the birth and adoptive parents will spend with the new baby, and more.
If you are a pregnant woman considering adoption in Milwaukee, your adoption agency should be able to work with you and your delivery hospital to develop your hospital plan. Here are some area hospitals that you may be working with:

Adoption Laws and Qualifications in Milwaukee

To protect everyone’s rights in the adoption process and ensure all legal requirements are met, it may be helpful for prospective birth parents and adoptive parents to understand certain Wisconsin adoption laws. Below, learn about the types of adoption laws in place in Wisconsin.
Laws for Birth Parents:
When and how can I legally consent to the adoption? What rights does the birth father have in Wisconsin adoptions? These are common questions for expectant mothers and birth fathers considering adoption in Milwaukee. Information about consent, relinquishment, state paternity laws and more is available on our adoption in Wisconsin page.
Laws for Adoptive Parents:
Many prospective adoptive parents have questions about the laws, rules and qualifications for adopting a baby in Milwaukee. Wisconsin statutes regulate many areas of adoption, including qualifications for adoptive parents, expenses that can be paid by adoptive families, the use of advertising and facilitators and more.
County Courts
The legal adoption process is complete when the adoption is finalized in court. Your adoption professional will help you through the finalization process and ensure your adoption is completed according to all state laws. If you are adopting in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area, find information about finalization proceedings for your county below:

Things to do in Milwaukee

If your adoption plans bring you to Milwaukee, either to meet with prospective birth parents or to bring your new baby home, be sure to take advantage of these area attractions during your visit:

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