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How to “Get Rid of” an Unwanted Baby 

An unplanned pregnancy can quickly turn your life upside down. But before you make any sudden decisions, we want you to know that: 

  • Adoption will always be free, and it is one of the best options for how to get rid of an “unwanted” baby. 
  • How to surrender an “unwanted” child is completely up to you. But there are options available that will protect you and your child if you decide that parenting is no longer right for you. 
  • You are not alone, and there are people ready to listen and support you no matter what your situation looks like.  

If you need someone to talk to right away, then please fill out our contact form to speak with a specialist about your options. But in the meantime, please keep reading to learn more about your options for dropping off “unwanted” babies.  

How to “Get Rid of” an “Unwanted” Baby: A Safe Guide 

It takes tremendous courage to ask for help. If you’ve just found out about your unplanned pregnancy or if you’ve already had your child and you’re struggling to parent, then you may feel unsure of who to turn to. Depending on your situation, we hope that these answers to some common questions point you in the right direction.  

Are there safe places to drop off “unwanted” babies? 

Yes. If you’re wondering, “Where can people drop off “unwanted” children in the U.S.?” there are two options available.   

For women who have already had their child, you can either choose:  

  • A safe haven: This is a location where a parent or a guardian can surrender an infant at a designated location — typically a hospital, police station or fire station. Under Baby Moses laws, they will not be charged with child abandonment as long as they take them to an approved safe haven location and as long as their baby is unharmed, placed directly with an on-duty staff member at the safe haven location and is within their state’s age range. This option is appealing for some women who are looking for anonymity or they’re afraid of “getting in trouble.” While they want to do what’s best for their baby they might not have the resources or know that there are better options available. 
  • Or a private adoption agency: Private adoption agencies work with both adoptive families and birth parents to facilitate the placement of a child. When people wonder what to do with an unwanted child, they typically contact a private adoption agency first. What makes private adoption agencies a great option is how much control you, as the prospective birth mother, have over the process. You’ll have the ability to create an adoption plan, choose the perfect family, have access to financial assistance, 24/7 counseling and support and more.  

Can you get rid of an “unwanted” child before birth? 

The only safe way to end an unwanted pregnancy is through abortion. This unplanned pregnancy option is one of your early options. If you are leaning towards this option, then the best place to start is by speaking with your doctor and educating yourself on abortion laws in your state as soon as possible.  

If you are already past your third trimester, however, it’s unlikely that this medical procedure will still be available. But, you still have time to consider your other options. Adoption will always be an option, and it’s not too late to get the information you need.  

Can I Give an “Unwanted” Child to Child Services? 

If parenting has become a challenge for you, then you might be wondering how to surrender an “unwanted” child to the state. But it’s not as simple as you might think. The process of giving a child to the state is often complicated and the rules often depend on each individual state.  

If you’re absolutely sure about placing your child in state care, then the best place to start is by contacting your local Department of Social Services or Department of Families and Children to find out which options are available in your area. Keep in mind that many states do not have the resources to accept voluntary placements.  

Alternatively, you still have the option of: 

  1. Respite foster care 
  1. Temporary guardianship and relative adoption 
  1. Private infant adoption 

For help deciding what to do with an “unwanted” child, please contact us today to get more information.  

Can I Give an “Unwanted” Child to an Orphanage? 

No. Because of popular media tropes, it’s not uncommon for people to believe that orphanages still exist in the U.S. But while there are many children who still need loving permanent homes, today’s domestic adoptions no longer involve traditional orphanages that you’ve likely seen in movies or read in books.  

Today, children enter into loving homes through the assistance of the U.S. foster care system, private adoption agencies or a relative or stepparent adoption. If you are looking for a safe way to place your child in the care of someone else, then your best bet will be one of those three options.  

Can I Leave an “Unwanted” Baby with an Adoption Agency? 

You can always contact an adoption agency to ask about this option. While it is not usually as simple as showing up at an agency and dropping your child off, an agency can help you through the steps to place your baby for adoption as quickly and simply as possible. Regardless of your circumstances, contacting an adoption agency to drop off an “unwanted” child is always an option.  

Many women find that adoption is a better option than abortion or parenting. With this unplanned pregnancy option, they are in charge of the entire situation from start to finish. The have the ability to choose their child’s adoptive family, create an adoption plan that suits their needs, have the support of a trained social worker, and much more.  

Adoption agencies understand that you’re in a difficult situation right now and want to do everything they can to help. If you’re ready to learn more about your options, we would be happy to speak with you about what to do with an “unwanted” baby.  

How to Surrender an “Unwanted” Child who’s Older than 4 

Right now, you might also be wondering if you can place an older child for adoption. In many cases, the answer to that is also yes. However, most domestic adoption agencies only work with infants and young children up to four years old on a case-by-case basis.  

If you’re interested in placing an older child up for adoption, please contact an adoption specialist today to learn more about your options. But if your child is much older than 4, then it might be a better option to contact your local department of child and family services to ask about your options.  

Where Can I Find a Program to Take “Unwanted” Babies? 

If you’re interested in learning more about safe places to drop off “unwanted” babies or instructions on how to drop off an “unwanted” child, then the best place to start is always an adoption agency.  

We know that you’re stressed and in a difficult position right now. But they can provide all the resources you need to make the best decision for you and your baby. To speak with an adoption specialist today, please contact us online to get more information about your options.