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Pros and Cons of Unplanned Pregnancy: What to Know

Life can throw all kinds of surprises our way. There’s unexpected bills, new jobs and jobs lost, a huge delay in traffic and a million other unforeseen events that can derail a day. But, there may be no bigger and more disruptive surprise than an unplanned pregnancy.

Are you experiencing an unexpected pregnancy right now? You’re not alone. Nearly half of all U.S. pregnancies each year are unplanned — which means millions of women this year will experience the same surprise, but in unique ways.

Whatever you specific situation is, it’s unlike anyone else’s. And that’s why there can be so many unique pros and cons of unplanned pregnancy. For some people, the problems of unwanted pregnancy spring to the front of the mind. Others may find unexpected pros of unplanned pregnancy, even if parenting isn’t an option right now.

If you’re searching for a way to understand and frame your situation, it might help to read through some of the possible advantages and disadvantages of unwanted pregnancy. Our hope is that this guide provides you with helpful ways to think about the pros and cons of unplanned pregnancies as you navigate your unique situation.

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In the meantime, let’s take a look at the problems of unplanned pregnancy, as well as some of the surprise blessings it can bring.

Pros of Unplanned Pregnancy

How did you react to the news of your pregnancy? For some, it’s joy. Others experience confusion and apprehension. Others, still, could feel fear, anxiety and a thousand other things.

If you weren’t planning on a pregnancy but welcome the surprise, than the pros of unplanned pregnancy might be immediately obvious to you. Or, you could be in the opposite position, wondering how in the world there could be anything but problems of unplanned pregnancy.

Whether you are going to become a parent or choose one of your other unplanned pregnancy options, here are a few pros of unplanned pregnancy worth considering:

The Possibility of Parenting

Most women who experience unplanned pregnancies will go on to become parents. This is a life-changing journey. It’s not always easy. In fact, there are times when it can feel impossible. But, nothing worth doing comes easy. Parenting, with all of its challenges, could be on the best things you ever do.

The beginning of this amazing journey is among the first and most obvious pros of unplanned pregnancy. However, there are many women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy who feel that parenting won’t be an option. If that’s you, there’s still hope.

An unplanned pregnancy will change your life, but it doesn’t have to ruin it. Good can come of this unexpected pregnancy.

Playing a Part in Creating a Family

For women who know that parenting won’t be an option, there is another route: Creating an adoption plan. Choosing adoption for your baby is a brave, loving decision. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s a way to take the problems associated with unwanted pregnancy and turn them into something beautiful.

When you choose adoption, you create the opportunity for your child to have a wonderful life. And, you are the single most important piece in the adoptive parents’ story. Without adoption, their family wouldn’t exist.

It may not be what you had in mind, but adoption can be a way to find the pros of unplanned pregnancy, even in difficult situations.

A New Perspective

Growth is born out of tension. Times of peace and tranquility are desirable, but they rarely produce change. One of the pros of unplanned pregnancy, if you are in a position that allows you to experience it, is the new perspective it can give you.

Whichever unplanned pregnancy option you choose, you will overcome what is in front of you. You will witness your own strength and resilience. Maybe you’re stronger than you thought.

You might also discover new strength in your relationships, as your friends, family or partner provide support and encouragement that makes you feel safe and valued. Nothing brings people together like unexpected challenges.

These are a few of the ways you can look past potential unwanted pregnancy problems to see the good that could come from this.

Cons of Unwanted Pregnancy

Of course, there are also disadvantages of unwanted pregnancy, and it’s important to acknowledge those, as well. The only way to create a better future in the face of this life-altering event is to deal with it honestly.

Here are a few of the negatives of unwanted pregnancy that you might experience.

Disruption in Life

Whether it’s a welcome surprise or devastating news, an unplanned pregnancy can cause major disruption in life. Your work or school experience will likely be different. There will be a lot more doctor visits in your future. Plus, there’s the new (and challenging) process of determining the best unplanned pregnancy option for your life.

These disruptions are one of the problems related to unwanted pregnancy that nearly everyone will experience. It’s pretty much unavoidable. So, create a plan for navigating the new demands in your life rather than trying to find ways to get around them.

Physical Side Effects

The emotional aspects of unplanned pregnancy can be challenging. But, let’s not forget about the physical challenges of pregnancy. What are the problems of unwanted pregnancy? The added stress on your body is near the top of the list.

Most women who are pregnant experience some obvious side effects, like weight gain and change in nutrition needs. But, there are more possible physical problems of unwanted pregnancy, such as congestion, heart burn, foot swelling, muscle aches, acne, bladder control, cramping and more.

Not a very fun list, we know. Pregnancy isn’t easy on the body. While there are also physical pros of unplanned pregnancy, the challenges often outweigh the benefits.

Stress, Anxiety and Confusion

If your unplanned pregnancy is also unwanted, then the emotional effects could be even more intense than the physical one. Stress, anxiety, confusion, frustration, fear, anger and depression are all possible cons of unplanned pregnancy.

Are you experiencing these things? You may want to speak with a professional. Whether that’s an unplanned pregnancy counselor or someone like an adoption specialist, there are people who are trained to provide the support you need to navigate these challenging problems related to unplanned pregnancy.

Dealing with Problems of Unwanted Pregnancy

There are ways to respond to your unplanned pregnancy that turn these negatives into positives and create hope for your future. The response you need will not necessarily be the same as someone else. Your situation is unique, as are your advantages and disadvantages of unplanned pregnancy.

If you’ve decided that the negatives of unwanted pregnancy for outweigh the positives, and you know that parenting isn’t an option, there are two options:

  • Abortion
  • Adoption


Abortion is a medical procedure that ends the pregnancy through removal of the pregnancy tissue or the fetus. Your ability to access an abortion may depend on how far along you are, the abortion restrictions in your state and access to a clinic that provides these services.

Abortion could be a response to the problems associated with unwanted pregnancy if:

  • Carrying a pregnancy to term is medically unsafe
  • Carrying a pregnancy to term is socially or emotionally unsafe
  • Parenting isn’t an option right now

There’s a lot to learn before choosing abortion. For more information, you can read our guides to unplanned pregnancy options or contact your local Planned Parenthood to speak with a professional.


Adoption is the process of placing your child in the loving care of adoptive parents. In doing this, you relinquish parental rights, which are then taken on by the adoptive parents. This process is completed with the assistance of an adoption agency. During the process, you are in charge, choosing where you would like to receive medical care, the level of openness you prefer after placement and, perhaps most importantly, choosing the adoptive parents for your baby.

Adoption is a way to find pros of unplanned pregnancy where there only seemed to be cons. Through adoption, you can create a better future for yourself, help a couple fulfill their dreams of becoming parents, and provide an opportunity for your child to have a wonderful life.

Interested in learning more about adoption? There’s a lot that goes into the process. You can read our guides on how adoption works or contact us today to be connected with an adoption specialist.

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The problems of unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming. But, there is hope. There are ways to create a bright future. If you’re feeling lost, anxious or scared, then it could be helpful to speak with a professional.

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